South America fast emerging as a wellness adventure destination

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America’s sunny neighbor has more than just sunny beaches with lots of adrenaline pumping excursions

By Akanksha Dean

Be honest. When you think about a vacation to Jamaica, you’re thinking about sitting on a beach listening to Bob Marley and eating something jerked. To be fair, that sounds amazing. But you may not imagine how many awesome adventures are available in Jamaica?

From river rafting, climbing the waterfalls, zip-lining through a canopy of trees, hiking through the mountains or scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea, there is no shortage of life-changing activities in Jamaica.

Vacations in Jamaica offer the chance to go beyond the sandy beaches and striking scenery for exhilarating adventures you will always remember. The destination has a lot to offer to travelers who seek to achieve better health and wellness on holidays!

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The Jamaican land naturally lets you maintain your well-being during or as a result of their trip, which is why it is a perfect destination for can’t-sit-still-on-a-beach active explorers!

We have put together a list of the top adrenaline pumping excursions in Jamaica to help lovers of nature and outdoor adventure plan their visit!

Mountain adventures: This adventure activity lets you look no further for a challenging hike and a memorable experience! Get your hiking boots on and head for Blue Mountain Peak.

If you would like to venture beyond the treetops, lace up your sneakers and head for Blue Mountain Peak. Refresh by inflating your lungs with fresh air as you embark on this mountain journey.

The peak of Blue Mountain is the highest in Jamaica and the view is arguably one of the best you will ever witness!

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Treetop adventures: You can experience a bit more of a heart-pumping adrenaline rush on treetop adventures, whiz through trees on zip lines overlooking commanding views, such as YS Falls, the majestic Martha Brae River, Dunn’s River Falls, and historic plantation houses. Of course, you can also climb any of the many waterfalls.

Adventure parks: If you are seeking a full day of daring activities, adventure parks in Jamaica are ideal choices for the whole family.

With abundance of turquoise waters, lush green lands, and deep caverns in all resort areas, conquering bumpy terrains with ATVs, soaring through the air on zip lines, and maneuvering rushing waters are common adventure park activities.

Popular picks Jamwest Speedway and Adventure Park, Yaaman Adventure Park, and Chukka Cove Adventure Park and Falls all offer these options in addition to others that make each venue a unique experience.

Kool Runnings’ kid-friendly main attraction is Jamaica’s largest water park. It also offers go-kart racing and paintball activities.

Cave adventures: What screams adventure like exploring the unknown of deep, dark caves?

To experience the tales of Cave Adventures, explore the hidden secrets of Green Grotto Caves in Runaway Bay or explore the nearby caves of Roaring River in the heart of a western town, or trek the rugged Cockpit Country where the Windsor Caves are located.

Witness rock formations, faint clicks of bats fluttering high above, and sparkling walls making shadowy cavern ventures, more enthralling.

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At Dolphin Cove: Here interacting with stingrays make this a place where you come for the day but remember for a lifetime!

Get up close and personal with amazing animals, swim with dolphins, enjoying the thrill and love of marine mammals in their natural environment.

Remember to take along your towel, sunscreen and be prepared to have fun! Included are glass-bottom boat rides, kayaking, snorkeling with stingrays, watching shark shows and access to the beach!

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(Akanksha Dean is an independent Indian chef & food & travel writer, who has trained at the famous Osteria Francescana restaurant in Modena, Italy)

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