Brazilian dad and daughter dancing on Punjabi pop spin magic

Brazilian dad daughter duo Pablo and Veronica
Brazilian dad daughter duo Pablo and Veronica

The American Bazaar spoke to dad daughter duo whose dance on Harrdy Sandhu’s Punjabi song is setting the Internet ablaze.

Based in the city of Caxias do Sul, tucked away in the Southernmost mountainous region, all the way in Brazil, thousands of miles away from India, you would think it’s unlikely one would hear any Indian, leave alone, Punjabi music!

But that is perhaps, why they say, music can transcend cultures, geographies and languages. Brazilian dad daughter duo Pablo and Veronica prove that music has no language barriers.

Pablo Beck Puhle and his 8-year-old daughter Veronica, who have been posting their synchronized dance moves on Instagram and Tik Tok for some time now, had a big surprise for Indian music lovers.

The duo recently posted a video where the two are dancing on the tunes of Punjabi pop singer Harrdy Sandhu’s ‘Bijlee Bijlee.’ Their moves so perfectly synchronized with the Punjabi lyrics and beats made for a treat to watch as both of them have no understanding of Punjabi language.

Watch the video on Instagram: With affection to the Indian people❤️ #india

So, how did the two happen to choose the song for their dance video? Speaking to the American Bazaar from Brazil, Puhle, a dentist by profession says, “It all started when we noticed a huge amount of messages from followers in India.”

“All sending affection from India. We always think of doing something to reciprocate this affection,” he said. “That’s when one of those followers sent a link to the song, ‘Bijlee Bijlee’ by Harrdy Sandhu.”

“The music and its harmony touched our hearts and its choreography made perfect sense to us. (We thought it was a) perfect opportunity to honor these people with a rich culture,” Puhle added.

On if they are working on a dance video on any other Indian song,  Puhle says, “I always need to research or get referrals from our Indian followers.”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t make any more videos with Bollywood songs. But I promise to do a more accurate research of songs and choreographies of Indian culture,” Puhle said. “As I am divided between caring for my daughter and my dental office, I have not had much time to select the repertoire.”

On whether they have ever watched a Bollywood movie, he says, “We have never seen any Indian movie, even though we know how famous Bollywood is.”

So, how does a dentist find time to dance and teach his young daughter these dance moves. Does it run in the family and do they have any formal training?

“We don’t have any dancing family members or any celebrities in the family,” Puhle says. “We are a normal family, we are a dentist couple with a talented and loving daughter. I don’t know any dance technique but my daughter is self-taught. She learns very easily. In five minutes she reproduces any choreography.”

About his family background,  Puhle shares, “We are Brazilians but my family migrated to Brazil many years ago. My great, great grandmother was German and my great-great grandfather was Polish.”

Asked if his wife dances too Puhle says, “My wife doesn’t really like to dance but sometimes she appears in the videos. She prefers to take care of the profile and manage our lives. Without her none of this would be happening. We are blessed to have her.”

Talking about their 724,000 and growing fan following, Puhle says, “We want to thank people for spreading our videos to four corners of the world.”

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