Who is Amy Wax, the academic calling India a Sh** Hole?

Pennsylvania law professor, Wax made many derogatory remarks about immigrants and Indians on Fox TV

For many immigrants of color living in America, casual racism that surfaces during day to day encounters is not a rarity. However, things can sound surprising, even shocking when blatant racism and indecorous mention of color and caste comes from high positions in academic and professional circles.

Perhaps that explains why when a Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax calling India a ‘Sh*t Hole’ and slamming Brahmin women things, seemed really unsavory.

Wax, a professor from University of Pennsylvania Law School while appearing on a talk show with Tucker Carlson on Fox TV, made a number of derogatory remarks about immigrants and Indians.

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Not just that, she even picked up on caste and slammed Brahmin women. Brahmin, a caste within the Hindu society is commonly associated with the priestly class.

While talking on national TV Wax said, “Here’s the problem. They (Brahmin women from India) are taught that they are better than everybody else because they are Brahmin elites. Yet on some level, their country is a s**t hole”.

But who is Amy Wax?
But who really is Amy Wax who seems to be losing restraint on showing her racist side? Amy Laura Wax is a lawyer, academic and a neurologist.

Born in Troy, New York, Wax was raised in a Jewish household. Ironically, Wax who has been making anti-immigrant comments in the past too herself comes from an immigrant family. Her parents were both immigrants from Eastern Europe.

A graduate from Yale University she also attended Oxford University. Wax has studied in some of the best educational institutions in the world as she attended both Harvard Medical School and Harvard Law School. A neurologist, Wax worked in neurology in New York before completing her legal studies at Columbia Law School.

Wax has worked in the Office of the Solicitor General of the United States in the Department of Justice. She also taught at the University of Virginia Law School in the past.

Wax is currently the Robert Mundheim Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. An award winning academic, Wax has also authored a book “Race, Wrongs ands Remedies: Group Justice in the 21st century.”

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Racist Statements 
For the uninitiated it is not the first time that Wax has made remarks that have gone down as verging on racism and elitism.

Back in 2017, In a podcast interview Wax had said: “Take Penn Law School, or some top 10 law school… Here’s a very inconvenient fact … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Black student graduate in the top quarter of the class, and rarely, rarely in the top half … I can think of one or two students who scored in the top half in my required first year course.”

In 2019, at the Edmund Burke Foundation’s inaugural National Conservatism conference, Wax said, “Embracing… cultural distance nationalism, means in effect taking the position that our country will be better off with more whites and fewer non-whites.”
Owing to many complaints including one by leader of Black Lives Matter, Wax was debarred from teaching a course curriculum.


  1. Sam Joshi

    Sab deshi saale harami madarchodd hotey hain, always free loading, always cutting lines and getting ahead of others, always faking resumes and cheating on visas and job applications, unlimited tax scams more than nigeria all happening in deshland. gandhi ki saddi hui aulaad saaley sab ek dusrey ko chodney ke liye . no more visa for a indian he takes all benefits from USA and loots everyone all the time.

  2. Christian Harvey Cole

    What’s the deal with people like Paul defending crap that came out of her mouth? What truth yeah India has a lot of poverty but what’s the deal and with racists like her calling countries like India shitholes? Huh? Do you defend racism? Oh besides she made racist not just towards them.
    Towards Black American people and other Asian people.

  3. Paul Buxton

    But she is right after all. Why do Indians get offended by the truth? India is a 3rd world country after all where
    – people defecate in the open every day and everywhere
    – over 300 million people in abject poverty, going without a square meal each day
    – congested roads blocked by cows with no traffic sense among drivers
    – highest levels of illiteracy in the world
    – lowest levels of per capita incomes in the developing world

    And more. They need to be honest about these facts.

    • Paul Buxton Indians have every right to get offended for 2 reasons –
      1. What she said is NOT the fact
      2. She has used derogatory and abusive language about India.

      By calling India a 3rd world country, you have proven that you belong to the same derogatory mindset. No, India is not a 3rd world country (do you even realise this has an inbuilt abuse in it)? People talking like this have a 3rd world mindset. If you do not know and I’m sure you do not, India is 6th larges economy in the world, ahead of France (got a shock)? Yes, there is poverty in India and also illiteracy to some extent but not to the extent and as extensively your media likes to portray about it and hide your own illiteracy and poverty (I challenge you deny this). There is a huge rich and educated class in India as well. As about defecating in the open everywhere, even we have a notion about USA that there are free relationships among men and women with all combinations possible and american people do intercourses publicly on the streets shamelessly without bothering if anyone is noticing them or not. If this is true, then story of Indians defecating on roads is true to an equal extent.

      Lastly, despite being an overpopulated country and having a very wide linguistic and religious diversity, we are able to manage our democratic system efficiently and robustly. If USA becomes even 40% populated as compared to India, it will collapse as a country.

    • aravind ramaswamy narayan

      Fair enough, although using your rationale …given the immense wealth, top notch universities etc etc…generally speaking …, inspite of possessing all these assets.. ,
      the US has substandard outcomes in many facets of life…healthcare,income inequality, congestion,failing institutions. Does that render the US as a shithole with a bidet?

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