Ludhiana – why the locals are calling it the Manhattan of Punjab!

North India’s biggest city, Ludhiana is fast becoming a future city with many NRIs choosing to invest in hospitality business

By Rupali Dean

When one thinks of a vacation in India, one seldom thinks of places that do not come with the promise of beaches or mountains. But this may quickly be changing as cities in Punjab in northern part of India see an unprecedented growth with many NRIs choosing to invest back in hospitality businesses giving tier 2 cities a brand new face lift.

My recent visit to Ludhiana was an eyeopener of sorts. With luxury hotels and booming retail spaces, it’s no wonder that locals have begun to call Ludhiana, the Manhattan of Punjab.

The recent few years have seen the hospitality sector spring up like never before and luxury hotels, laid back resorts and tranquil spas have taken up the space that once belonged to the din of the old city.

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Many in the tourism sector confirm that most visitors from North America when visiting Punjab make a pit stop at one of the newly done luxe hotels to get a feel of the contemporary side of the city.

I began my Ludhiana sojourn with a comfortable stay at the Hyatt Regency. This is one of Ludhiana’s most notable hotels yet it’s far from flamboyant. Here indulgence meets exclusivity, but not in a vivid ‘mish-mash of flairs’ way, it’s more modest than that.

‘Kitchen at Ninety-five’ is where you can have your breakfast and all meals. Every cuisine from Chinese to frontier will not disappoint- a steadiness of standards that add to your dining pleasure.

For breakfast, the omelette is a buttery wonder. A hot section on the buffet runs the gamut from health-conscious granola and gluten free bread to aloo parathas and more.

All in all, the food here is a discovery of taste, respect for products, glorification of flavors, the attentiveness of the team and the intention to please.

If you want to just chill and hang out in the evenings with friends then ‘The Gallery Bar’ a classy and elegant lobby lounge it is! Pull up a seat at the bar and presume fun glassware and a nonstop supply of nuts.

The Hotel makes fitness extremely rewarding for its guests with its state-of-the-art fitness centre.

A destination fashioned for family fun, where harried city dwellers may also recharge with various fun activities or just a Spa break. Quietly recharge, live it up, or get down to business. And yes, they have the most expansive rooms in the city!

Quick Take

Where: Hyatt Regency Ludhiana

Plot 4 Ferozpur Road, National Highway 95,

Ludhiana, Punjab-141012, India

(Rupali Dean is a trained hospitality professional, a travel, lifestyle and food columnist and a lifestyle photographer) 

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