Bangladeshi-origin women killed after being pushed on New York subway track

Bizarre incident rattles Bangladeshi American community as accident goes largely unreported in mainstream American media

A young 24-year-old Bangladeshi-origin woman college student was crushed to death by a train in New York after some miscreants who were trying to snatch her bag allegedly pushed her on the subway tracks.

The bizarre incident has rattled the Bangladeshi American community at large in America. What is also concerning to them is that the incident got little to no-coverage in the mainstream American press.

Zinat Hossain was a student at Hunter College in Brooklyn and lived with her parents in New York after immigrating from Bangladesh.

On May 11 as she was waiting to board the train at the Utica Avenue station in Brooklyn at around 9 pm when snatchers reportedly pushed her on the subway track, according to US based Bangla newspaper Thikana,.

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The police has not yet confirmed the identity of the snatchers as well as whether the incident was a hate crime, the newspaper said. Police, according to reports, believe that the snatchers were trying to take Zinat’s bag and she was pushed towards the subway track.

Dr Enamul Haque who is the president of the Greater Comilla Association in New York and also the maternal uncle of the girl informed that the girl’s family hailed from Daudkandi.

Her parents Amir Hossain and Jasmine Hira live in New York. Hossain’s family is from the Daudkandi Upazila of Comilla and has lived with her parents in Brooklyn since 2016.

According to, Hossain’s funeral was performed in Brooklyn. Her grandfather Md. Kabir said, the police report says Zinat committed suicide, but we don’t believe it.”

“They said she ‘died due to the fall’. But in actuality, this was a ‘hate crime’. Our community must unite in protest against this.”

Earlier this year Michelle Go was also pushed on subway tracks in New York by a stranger on the Times Square subway station in an unprovoked incident.

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