Athena and Gather join forces to strengthen civic services

Indian global advisory group and UK data-based NGO to offer innovative data and digital solutions

The delivery of basic services such as water and sanitation are easy to take for granted until those services suddenly become unavailable.

Stories spanning the world—from the water crises in Flint, Michigan and Newark, New Jersey to the massive droughts that forced Chennai, India to declare “Day Zero” in 2019—remind us that resilient, sustainable, safe, and equitable civic services are more important than ever.

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With this in mind, Athena Infonomics, a Chennai-headquartered company, will be joining forces with Gather, a UK-based spatial data entity to help governments, utilities, and others manage these vital services through innovative geospatial data and digital solutions for equitable and climate-resilient service planning and effective delivery, according to a media release.

Athena Infonomics is an Indian company that has seen tremendous growth, with offices in Washington, DC, London, and Nairobi. The organization has a strong global footprint with experience in leading and delivering social impact in more than 35 countries.

Deepa Karthykeyan, co-founder and partner at Athena Infonomics, and based outside Washington, DC, sees this collaboration as an important next step for both organizations.

“At Athena, we look forward to using our entrepreneurial energies to build on and scale the incredible work Gather has done in developing and building data commons in the global sanitation sector.”

Innovation and the commitment to building digital public goods and data systems to improve civic services is a common thread that pulled Gather and Athena Infonomics together in recent months.

The fusion of these two inventive teams, and Athena Infonomics’ commitment to continue Gather’s work in the future, will serve to enhance the great work that they’ve been doing as individual entities.

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“I am delighted that Gather’s work will continue as part of Athena Infonomics’ broader mission,” says Gather co-founder John Peter Archer. “When we launched Gather, one of our core values was to collaborate with like-minded organizations so that we could leverage maximum impact.”

This agreement will enable Athena Infonomics to use and combine its expertise with Gather’s and channel resources to scale innovative, fit-for-purpose approaches that promote effective data use and ensure that resilience, sustainability, safety, and equitability are key to civic services in any geography, according to the release.

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