Desi rom-com ‘Never Have I Ever’ on Netflix’ top 10

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The series yet again scores for getting desi mannerisms into the mainstream by owning it up!

After the heart-warming success of seasons 1 and 2 of Mindy Kaling created, ‘Never Have I Ever,’ the season 3 as expected opened to a big start. Just three days after it began streaming on Netflix, it swiftly climbed to 69.5 million hours of views, earning it the second spot on Netflix top 10. Next to Neil Gaiman’s, ‘The Sandman,’ clocking a massive 127.5 million hours.

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While many series make history with their debut season, it is not very common for most series to maintain the same interest among the viewers for many seasons in a row. Never Have I Ever, has been able to retain its viewership for many reasons including the fact that it breaks many boundaries.

Devi VishwaKumar played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, a Tamil Canadian actor who herself is a first generation immigrant comes as a breath of fresh air, among a sea of soap operas where brown actors are reduced to the jobs of an occasional doctor making a five-minute-appearance.

Keeping up with its record of embracing and then busting many South Asian American stereotypes, season 3 also does not disappoint. Neatly weaved into the checkered love life of brown high school kid, the newest season squarely addresses the apprehension Devi has with having an Indian boyfriend.

Something, many first gen teens growing up in America, may agree to. But the story scores on likability as the protagonist not only owns up to the quirk but also learns it. There is no overt drama, or over hyped guilt but just a bitter-sweet lesson that the teen embraces. The season continues to shine the spotlight on its brown teenage protagonist.

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The series continues with its sprinkling of desi humor and quirks whether it’s not wanting the middle seat on the plane, or an overbearing mom trying to meddle into their son’s love life. The series yet again scores for getting the desi mannerisms into the mainstream by owning it up!

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