Chicago swayed to A.R. Rahman’s music

A.R. Rahman performing at Ravinia Festival

It wasn’t just the desis, but a lot of locals too were as eager to hear the ‘Mozart of Madras’

It was a dream come true for thousands of fans of music legend A.R. Rahman in America as the Oscar winner performed at various destinations during his North America tour.

At Ravinia Festival, North of Chicago, this past weekend, Chicagoland music lovers discovered the rhythm and symphony of Rahman’s music. His one-night performance at the Ravinia festival was a sold-out event. For his performance, Rahman chose his hot favorites from Bollywood to Hollywood.

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What remained interesting about A.R. Rahman’s performance was that it was not just the desis who lined up to be a part of his concert. but there were a lot of locals too were as eager to hear this music from the east as much as they wanted to hear the jazz and blues.

For his performance the Oscar winner, Grammy winner, BAFTA winner and the most popular artist on Spotify brought on the stage his distinct style and musings from Eastern classical music, electronic music sounds, global music genres and traditional orchestral arrangements flow from the screen to people’s playlists with ease.

During the performance at Ravinia, audiences heard scores come to life on the Ravinia stage, as part of his North American 2022 tour. Ravinia Festival is an internationally renowned, not-for-profit music destination north of Chicago.

Rahman was recently in the US for his North America Tour 2022. During his tour the artist who is popularly known as ‘Mozart of Madras,’ has been performing at Seattle, Los Angeles and Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Atlanta, Michigan and North Carolina before heading to Chicago for the festival.

While Indians are no stranger to Rahman’s music, local Americans who may not have heard his music before may like to know that Rahman has also been on the TIME’s list of 100 Most Influential People and has an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music.

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