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Disney releases Diwali themed ‘Me & Mickey’ short

Mickey Mouse talks about the holiday and a few Diwali traditions in a vlog-style format for preschoolers

Until a few years ago, for many Indian immigrants to the United States, it was the festival time when the nostalgia of Diwali in India would strike the strongest.

However, as Indians continue to be one of the most prominent minorities in the country, festivals such as Diwali are now celebrated not just in mega cities but also across towns and cities in America.

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Honoring the festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Indians across the globe, Disney Junior is debuting a new Diwali-themed ‘Me & Mickey’ short on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney Junior YouTube.

The short is hosted by Mickey Mouse himself talking about the holiday and a few Diwali traditions in a vlog-style format for preschoolers

In the two-minute short, kids’ popular cartoon character, Mickey can be seen educating about the festival of lights. Mickey also displays his Rangoli.

For parents of young kids growing up in the US, fun, educational videos such as these that incorporate the cultural and traditional nuances are definitely a welcome addition to show their kids not just the importance of their festivals but also feel assimilated in the country they now call home.

Chicago based mom of two, Neeta Jain says, “This will be the perfect Diwali video to show my two little ones. I know the struggle earlier generations have gone through where parents had to scour for relevant books in libraries and bookstores so as to give their kids some cultural references. This really is a great Diwali gift for all the little ones as well as their parents!”

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Various researches show that kids understand and absorb information better when they see it coming from their favorite character in a fun, relatable format. Disney’s Diwali short definitely speaks to its target audience!

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