Second Hindu temple gets vandalized in Washington state

Windows smashed, ‘Fear’ written on wall of Kent Hindu Temple.

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Temple Vandalized
Tem Vandalized

WASHINGTON, DC: First it was the Hindu temple in Bothell, and now it’s the turn of the Sanatam Dharam temple in Kent – both towns are in the suburbs of Seattle in Washington state – to be vandalized by unknown miscreants, this month.

ABC’s local affiliate Komo-TV reported that the person or miscreants used bricks to break several windows of the Kent Hindu Temple and then painted the word “fear” on the wall, late Thursday night.

Earlier this month, someone spray painted a swastika and the words “get out” on the Hindu temple in Bothell, on February 15.

Bricks were used to smash every window of the building and parts of the structure were ripped apart, reported Komo-TV.

“The crime is small-minded with big intentions, shattering calm with hate,” John Humbert, reporter at Komo-TV said. “Silence isn’t the answer.”

Arsalan Bukahari with the Washington Council on American-Islamic Relations said many of these acts of aggression target smaller religious groups that some bigots think are Muslim.

“Because they choose to target certain places, we have a hunch that it might be biased motivated,” Bukahari said. “When a place of worship gets attacked, it’s a little late. I think the time to respond is when hate rhetoric is promoted,” he said.

The Kent temple doesn’t have security cameras, and info on the vandals remains elusive — just like in the Bothell case, reported Komo News. Police are investigating both crimes.

KING5-TV, a Seattle NBC affiliate, reported that the Kent Hindu Temple was set to observe ‘Amalaki Ekadashi’ on Saturday.

Several attacks on Hindu temples have taken place across the US in the last few months, noted IANS. In August, a murti (idol) of Shiva at the Vishwa Bhavan Hindu Mandir in Monroe in the state of Georgia was desecrated with black paint. The local sheriff’s office arrested two people in connection with the attack.

Between July and October in Loudon county in Virginia, police have documented 17 separate incidents of anti-Hindu vandalism, the Hindu American Foundation said.

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