RHC Trump event makes Hindu Americans and Indian American community look like buffoons

OPINION: The Republican Hindu Coalition’s support for the GOP nominee is ill-informed and dangerous to the community they claim to serve.

By Nish Acharya

 “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me”

Pastor Martin Niemöller, Germany, 1937

Nish-Acharya-150-x150This is the quote I immediately thought of when news about the Republican Hindu Coalition’s event with Donald Trump came to light on Saturday evening. It’s not hyperbole to compare Trump to Nazi Germany – indeed, many non-partisan scholars have already highlighted how his rhetoric compares with white supremacists, Nazis and others.

Those who participated in Saturday’s event simultaneously enabled Trump and his anti-democratic, anti-immigrant, anti-minority rhetoric and tendencies while making the Indian American community look like a bunch of politically uneducated buffoons. It showed a stunning ignorance of Trump’s positions and how they will affect Hindu Americans, Indian Americans and India, for that matter.

And it showed a portion of the community that was so desperate for attention that it was willing to spend several million dollars to hear Trump to say stupid things like, “I’m a big fan of Hindu.” It’s one thing to host a fundraiser for $10,000 and tolerate a local politician who doesn’t know much about our community in order to educate him or her, and quite another to waste millions on a man who can’t name your religion, but more importantly, has committed to policies that will harm your community.

There is nothing wrong with being a Republican Hindu, or a Republican Indian American. I have been working in American politics for over 20 years (as a Democrat), and the Indian American network of political and policy professionals has always been very supportive of each other, regardless of party. Indian American Democrats were glad to see President George W. Bush appoint more Indian Americans than President Clinton. And likewise, Indian American Republicans took pride in the senior postings given to Indian American Democrats by President Obama.

But the Republican Hindu Coalition’s support for Donald Trump is ill-informed and dangerous to the community they claim to serve.

First, a big portion of the evening was tied to the claim that Trump will be better for India. This is false. Trump’s campaign has been built on the promise to reduce free trade. And yet, the US-India relationship has flourished primarily because of free trade. Over the last 20 years, India’s booming ties with the United States in areas like technology, IT, pharmaceuticals and others have been largely because of America’s trade policies.

In addition, the Hindu American community largely consists of professionals – those who are benefiting most from globalization and trade. We can certainly debate whether free trade has benefited Americans or not, but there is no doubt the Indian IT sector would not be a world leader without US investment and business.

So, the idea that someone who is going to restrict free trade with India will be better is simply false.

Equally silly was the idea that Trump will give green cards faster, as people at the event claimed. Why would a man who opposes immigration and the H1-B program want to give out green cards faster?

But the most dangerous, and false corollary judgement made by the Republican Hindu Coalition is the idea that, because Trump is anti-Muslim, he must, therefore, be pro-Hindu. Other faith-based groups in America, including Jewish Americans, Mormon’s and others, have quickly realized that scapegoating one faith can quickly lead to the broader scapegoating and discrimination of other minority faiths – which includes Hindus. Most Hindu Americans realize that as well, which is why 70% of the community is supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

Trump has called for loyalty oaths from Muslim Americans. This can easily be extended to other faiths, including Hindus. Trump has called from a ban on immigration from countries “compromised by terrorists.” Does India, which has been the victim of multiple terrorist attacks, from within, by radical Islamic terrorists, fall into that category? If the ban includes countries with large Muslim population, does that include India, with the second largest Muslim population in the world?

Utah, a state that has not voted Democratic since 1964, is currently a dead heat between Clinton and Trump. Why? Because the state is majority Mormon, a faith that has faced serious religious persecution in the past, and is wary of anyone promising similar action against other faiths. And yet, the Republican Hindu Coalition ignorantly pledges support to Trump even though Hindus make up less than 1.5% of the US population and is disbursed geographically.

Across America, there are many dedicated, intelligent Hindu Americans and Indian Americans educating politicians, raising funds, volunteering on campaigns and raising grassroots awareness about the issues they care about. They are Republicans and Democrats, Libertarians and Greens. All their serious efforts were diminished by the RHC’s event with Donald Trump.

Or perhaps this will be the siren that calls Indian Americans and Hindu Americans to action, to finally fund think tanks, advocacy groups and policy research that truly benefits the community and its causes. I certainly hope it is, so that we can avoid similar spectacles in the future.

(Nish Acharya is the author of the The India-U.S. Partnership: $1 Trillion by 2030. Acharya, who served the Obama and Clinton administrations, is also a principal at Equal Innovation, LLC, a strategy consulting and investment group working with universities, governments, foundations, and companies to assist them with innovation, entrepreneurship, and globalization strategies. He serves as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bretton Woods Committee, The Indus Entrepreneurs, and the Clinton Global Initiative.)

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  1. ReasonWithValues

    Yep, agreed…though there is something insidiously crafty in presenting Indians or Hindus as anti-Muslim…when the most undemocratic and the most non diverse places are Islamic countries!

    On some Hindus becoming Trump supporters here is a take. When you become a single issue voter it can make you tunnel visioned and stupid! Nobody denies the fact Pakistan is a problem, and many Pakistanis themselves, struggling with terrorism, terrorists, extremists and poor governance, will agree with that. But there are many issues that are connected, relevant and equally important…if not more important.

    For example, we know that many Jihadist Joes and Janes come from “broken homes, have poor identity, have poor social support and are easily manipulated by propaganda, charm, pretentious friendships and/or greed”. If we don’t solve those problems then people in our own communities will be recruited by cunning, crafty, shrewd and manipulative terrorists, or terrorist sympathizers.

    This is true in India too. I found it odd that many young women, some rich, eager to be dated by charming handsome men, and with poor identity formation, end up marrying guys whose ultimate purpose is to convert these women and control them, or manipulate them to serve their interests.,

    If you are a stupid or an illiterate or a naive or an immature woman, or one brought up on third rate Bollywood and Hollywood movies, that you are entitled to watch, but better to watch it with critical thinking, then you are easily seduced and converted…for all the wrong reasons.

    So improving status of women is important too. So is eliminating poverty. So is education of the masses. So is bringing better knowledge to the young and improving their identity, clarity and confidence. So is monitoring Madraasas and other religious institutions.

    But some idiots, with or without power, with or without medical education and with or without money, don’t get it!

    All important…


  2. tenminutetokyo .

    Nazis? Indians come to USA by the millions and ONLY HIRE OTHER INDIANS. Can’t get more Nazi than that. And Silicon Valley was created by white people BTW.

  3. tenminutetokyo .

    Across America, there are thousands of Americans educating America about the dangers of The Indian Mafia and the Global Indian Takeover, all of which violate EEOC laws.



  4. tenminutetokyo .

    They don’t look like buffoons. They ARE buffoons.

  5. tenminutetokyo .

    Then they came for the white IT workers and I did not speak out because of Political Correctness. And one morning white IT workers woke up strangers in their own land and exiled from the industry they created.

  6. 70-80% indian community voted for Hillary. Chapter is closed

  7. tenminutetokyo .

    India looting.


  8. tenminutetokyo .

    What “American community”? You are all Y2K TEMPORARY WORKERS, not tens of millions of permanent residents. You were never supposed to come to and stay in USA long term. You are not a “community”, you are an invading takeover force. It’s too bad for you because you could have done it the right way and stayed but no, you had to come and take over, attack Americans, and act like the racist buffoons you are. Now Karma is coming back on you and you can’t stop it. Too bad for you.

    You are merely getting payback for what you have done to Americans, and especially white Americans. We know what you are doing and what your “Global Indian Takeover” agenda is.

    Your days of raping the US for 20 years are OVER. Americans will finally get justice for what you have stolen from the American people. Justice is justice and there is nothing you can do.

    Too bad, you had a chance and have proven yourselves bad, criminal invaders, not “immigrants”.

    And now it is time for you to go.

  9. Rafreaki Jones

    Jai Hindustan, We will RISE again. God bless India.

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Party’s over looter! Find a new host to rob!

      Maybe India can make its own Apple or Microsoft.

      If you can.

  10. The caste system in India is worse than any human rights violations in the US and those people (untouchables) are no less Indians. This is not to say that any form of racism is acceptable! “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your eye.”

  11. The article lost all credibility the moment the writer compared Trump to Nazi Germany. This type of rhetoric is the reason why America has become so polarized. We can no longer have a reasonable discussion without either side becoming unhinged! There are extremists on both sides of the aisle and to ignore that is being highly hypocritical. Also, to suggest that all Indian Americans should be monolithic in their thinking or ideology is vacuous. The comparison to “buffoons” is no different to African Americans referring to a Black Conservative as an “Uncle Tom!” What is the difference between the writer’s colorful use of the English language to that of Trump’s? P.S. I would like to get the writer’s take on (comparison) the supporters of the BJP and the Congress Party (INC).

    • Well said. I work within the Indo-American community and they are anything but monolithic except perhaps for their love of Cricket. You are right the comparison of Trump to Hitler and calling him a Nazi is really rather silly. Until he enacts and implements policies that promote that notion then you must give him a chance. He was elected fairly (as far as we can tell) according to our Constitution by winning the majority in the Electoral College system. I could easily refer to PM Modi as a fascist refer to his complicity in the murder of Muslims Gujarati. There is no proof. In reality Modi I believe sincerely loves his country and wants it to succeed . The fact the BJP broke the long held monopoly of the Congress Party sent a message similar to what happened in this country. The liberal policies of the Congress party kept India poor for most. Modi wants to change that. So apparently does Trump in the USA. I did not vote for Trump (instead Libertarian) but would never support Clinton. Clinton is a vile and duplicitous individual who would never have supported India’s advancement.

      • Modi IS a fascist. The progrom was deliberate attempt to grab power since he was set to lose the elections. Modi is a Rothschild puppet – his latest scheme to de-monetize India is proof of that. If he was really attempting to control black money (which the de-monetization scheme was aimed at) he would have gone overseas and arrested all rich Indians who have invested their unclaimed cash in property there. He did nothing of the sort instead – all he did was burden the common man who depends on cash transactions for their day to day expenditure. This scheme is nothing to shore up failing Banks (many of whom have financed Modi’s election) with liquidity after so many bad loans have made them near-bankrupt. Plus it was the sanctions the west imposed on India that kept it poor, OK?

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Hitler’s Mein Kampf is now a best selling book in India.

      India’s borders are still closed to US workers in this age of globalization.

      What goes around comes around India!

      Look who’s talking!

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Indians only hire other Indians. Hitler’s Mein Kampf now a bestseller in India. Google it.

  12. Indians don’t need Trump to make themselves look stupid; their greed makes them do that all by themselves!

  13. IndiannotAmused

    Hillary and Trump both are equally bad for Indian-Americans.
    Hitlery the criminal is controlled by gloablist Rothschild bankers who want to destroy old countries like India,Iran,China etc. and bring about one-world government. They hate Hindus as Hinduism can provide strength to India to stand firm before all globalist onslaught. That is why they use Porkistani terrorist state as cat’s paw against India.
    Trump has a support base with a huge proportion of White supremacists and evangelical Christian Jihadis. All of them happen to be rabidly anti-Hindu. They will not let Hindu-Americans live in peace once they come to power.
    Question- Who do we vote in ? Answer -Donald Trump.
    Why ? This is because-
    1. Trump will harass Hindus in USA but make friends with Hindus in India-because he will need Indian help to dismantle terrorist state of Porkistan which he views,correctly, as a globalist front-organization.
    2. Trump will make the economy of USA more friendly towards US middle class which will create jobs in USA and also in India.
    3. Trump has huge business investments in Indian real estate sector. He will never go beyond a certain point in antagonizing Indians. This is not true of the other party.
    All that said, Hindu-Americans should prepare for dark days ahead either way. It is either the globalist lobby or the evangelist lobby that will try to destroy us. Here is hoping everyone makes it safe through the dark days.

    • Of course there are ‘dark days’ for you lot – you threw yourself into the gutter by aligning with imperialists like The US and Israel. I’m amused that you use big words like ‘globalist’ and ‘Rothschild’ without fully knowing the implications; it’s like watching a child us big words he doesn’t understand. Modi is THE biggest globalist stooge around in Asia – he’s good friends with the globalists’ HQ in Asia (Israel); he’s used a CIA agent (Swamy) to attack an actual competent person (Rajan) from uncovering corruption in the infrastructre and he’s actually made a bank (ICICI) adopt an entire village – they all use cashless tech now – imagine the disaster should a cyber-attack drain all their accounts! Yes, you are right when you say that Pakistan was used by the west to drain India’s resources by drawing them into a long cold war between them; however this equation went kaput once Clinton allowed hundreds of Indians to flood into the US thus upsetting the balance of power among immigrants – Indians started bribing US politicians to be more friendly towards India and thus Pak was dumped to the curve. Pak has now joined the anti-globalist alliance of Russia, some South American countries, China, mostly all the countries of Asia (barring South Korea, Japan and India). Pak and Russia had their first joint military drills recently – and not soon after, this ‘Uri’ false flag attack was perpetrated by Modi as a response.

      Trump has no interest in actually running the nation. Mike Pence will do the real work – Pence is an incompetent mysogynist whose policies of abstinence were total failures and have turned parts off the state he runs into third world countries – expect him to turn America into India soon – Trump will merely jet off to foreign locales and make deals enriching himself and his cronies (much like Modi) while the rest of the country burns. Pence also is blindly pro-Israel – which is a problem as the globalists have lost in Syria and Assad still stands. Russia has unequivocally stated that any attack on it will turn America into toast – and now that Turkey has realized the US/EU has backstabbed it by promising Kurdistan to Turkey’s enemies – America and NATO is going to lose it’s main airbase in Turkey which means no more airstrikes on Syria. The EU is disintegrating and their nationalist leaders all want better
      ties with Russia and less US/NATO interference in their countries’
      affairs. Turkey leader Erdogan has stated that it plans to join the Chinese alliance – The US and it’s allies are getting more isolated everyday.

      • IndiannotAmused

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        • Does yours? You certainly seem like you escaped from the loony bin …

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        • See, you keep on using big words like “globalisation” without knowing their meaning – if Modi and India is anti-globalist why did Modi start a demonetization scheme that is the brainchild of IMF chief Gerry Rice? The IMF is on of the biggest tools of the globalists to keep third world countries poor and destitute. Hey, you know who the globalists biggest enemy is? It’s Putin – whose country suffered a ddos attack on their Banks recently – and one of the centers was India. Why is India attacking one of their supposed allies?!! Oh wait you’re just a shill – my bad.

          • Putin is a key Indian ally as is Iran as is SURPRISE …….Saudi.In the maritime sphere the key Indian ally is USA.We have to balance all.
            As for the hobnobbing with Rothschilds or the globalists, well a deal with devil has its ups along with its downs.Especially if you know what you are doing.The demonetization scheme IS NECESSARY to govern India.
            But going into more details about any of the above will involve lengthy discussions about Geo-Politics,Geo-Economics and Geo-Finance.That will already FRY your tender SAFE SPACE ,LIBTARD brain stem.Go run to your basement and pick that video game up.That is YOUR DESTINY . TRAILER TR…..H B…..CH-MOUTH.

          • Look everybody – a craaaazzzzzy person !!! Yes every three months I encounter such wacky individuals on the net; I usually ignore them but sometimes there’s someone so wrong, so blatantly misguided that it becomes fun to poke them a little. Yes dear, please tell me how “de-monetization” is necessary for India? No, no please do. Because even a third-rate hack economist like Steve Haenke says that it’s a disaster: If Modi REALLY wanted to end black money he’d first end the root causes for WHY people keep black money in the first place and get rid of all the endless red tape that necessitate people bribing officials to get their work done. Then he’d reduce the number of govt. civil servants that demand bribes (which Rajan was in the process of doing but was ousted by Swamy on Modi’s orders). Then he’d go after all the super-rich Indians who have invested their black money in property and gold overseas (China is doing this but you never hear about it since all Indians news is anti-Chinese propaganda). Oh yeah, Steve Haenke actually used to advise governments on their financial policy so I think he know s more about Geo-Economics that you ever would. Speaking of “frying your brain” looks like you’ve already been there, done that ……

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          • , Pak hasn’t crumbled – but India was a failed state in the ’90s – without foreign investment (and with such a massive population) we’ll go back to being a failed state. Defeated? They’re striking up strategic partnerships with Russia (according to you, our supposed”allies”) and China while your best buddy ‘murica is flooding Punjab and Goa with drugs from Afghanistan (the poppy fields there are protected by US Soldiers – The CIA is practically run on drug money) and turning them into hell-holes. Punch Golbalists?!! HAHAHAHA – you giving them oral sex ass-wipe! P.S. You haven’t answered my question: Why are we launching cyber-attacks on Russian Banks while pretending to be their ally? And if Pak is “crumbling” (just like your sanity) why are they receiving so much investment then?

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      • IndiannotAmused

        Putin is a key Indian ally as is Iran as is SURPRISE …….Saudi.In the maritime sphere the key Indian ally is USA.We have to balance all.
        As for the hobnobbing with Rothschilds or the globalists, well a deal with devil has its ups along with its downs.Especially if you know what you are doing.The demonetization scheme IS NECESSARY to govern India.
        But going into more details about any of the above will involve lengthy discussions about Geo-Politics,Geo-Economics and Geo-Finance.That will obviously FRY your tender SAFE SPACE ,LIBTARD brain stem.Go run to your basement and pick that video game up.That is YOUR DESTINY . TRAILER TR…..H B…..CH-MOUTH.

      • IndiannotAmused

        Putin is a key Indian ally as is Iran as is SURPRISE …….Saudi.In the maritime sphere the key Indian ally is USA.We have to balance all.
        As for the hobnobbing with the globalists, well a deal with devil has its ups along with its downs.Especially if you know what you are doing.The demonetization scheme IS NECESSARY to govern India.
        But going into more details about any of the above will involve lengthy discussions about Geo-Politics,Geo-Economics and Geo-Finance.That will already FRY your tender SAFE SPACE ,LIB…….D brain stem.Go run to your basement and pick that video game up.That is YOUR DESTINY . TRA……R TR…..H B…..CH-MOUTH.

        • You’re repeating yourself – are you soft in the head? Never mind, you’ve answered that question judging by how insane your other posts are …

  14. Arvindraj Nigam

    Nish Acharya you are a work of art. your lopsided philosophy, your twenty year loyalty to your party is apparent in your column, how dare you call us buffoons, do your homework, we are America’s richest minority, unlike other ethnics we are not looking for a handout, we are the ones who are the biggest Capitalist, and there comes Mr Acharya who is unaware of the benefits the Indian Americans can derive from a Republican, business friendly administrations. You are just a little pariah of the Corrupt administration that have empowered the radical terrorists, who have become a thorn in the lives of all Hindu Indians (you not included), and the Jews. It is sad you accuse Trump of a misquote about “The Hindu”, when you yourself are a buffoon you started your article with the biggest misquote ““First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me”. the fact that you are, and have written this column and are a pariah of the Obama-Clinton alliance is a proof that neither the socialist, neither the Trade unionist, neither you, were silenced,so check your premise and excuse your self from the printed word. Long Live the RHC.

    • Really? Trump has appointed Steve Bannon – a white supremacist who just made a statement that “there are too many Asians tech CEOS” – so apparently merit is no longer necessary for a job at Silicon Valley! I’m going to enjoy the mental image of Trump deporting you from the US – Hope you enjoyed your choice – now you have to live with it!

      • tenminutetokyo .

        And India’s borders are still closed to US workers and Hitler’s Mein Kampf is bestselling book in India. Look who’s talking. What goes around comes around. You know it as Karma. You can’t loot USA and not have Karma.

        Too bad for you.

        White Americans created America and the IT industry. Indians only moved in 20 years later and took it over. That is not supremacy, it’s a historical fact.

        White Americans built Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Pepsi. Why should should looter foreign subversive Asian CEOs take them over and kick white Americans out? You are little more than thieves.

        Americans now know what you have done and the “Global Indian Takeover” agenda.

        And now it is time for you to go.

        Perhaps you can return to India and build India, thief.

      • tenminutetokyo .

        White people created Silicon Valley long before Indians looters arrived.

        You were supposed to be TEMPORARY Y2K workers only and go home in 2002 after Y2K. Why are you all still here 15 years later. Microsoft, Google, Adobe were all created by white Americans but now Indians all control and run them. That wasn’t the deal originally. Bannon has simply correctly noted the foreign takeover and is saying something should be done. It’s not “supremacy” to simply demand back what Americans built and foreign powers took.

        Did you think the Americans people would stand by idly forever as you looters took over what Americans built?

        Why don’t you just build your own Apple or Microsoft in India and then you won’t have to take over white companies.

        Oh I forgot – you’re all too lazy and dumb to do that.

        Well your time is up in USA and you’re all going home as agreed originally TEMPORARY Y2K WORKERS.

        If you have “merit” please list the tech companies Indians created for America. If you didn’t, then you should be fired and sent back since you didn’t perform as promised.

    • You are a pathetic mouthpiece for The Republicans – Trump will do or say anything to get elected – now expect him to stab us in the back by cutting back on H1B visas and deporting us in doves – even if you’re safe from being deported, Trump has so many enemies that sooner or later they will prevent him from making any viable changes – but some of his ideas are so terrible that the US Economy (which is already trillions in debt) will crash sooner or later under his watch and then you yourself will be on a rubber dinghy sailing back to India as America collapses – China is hoarding gold and once it reaches a certain level it will dump the dollar (making sure it’s currency reaches reserve status first) sending the stock market into freefall and crashing US markets – overnight the US will be a third world country – what will you do then? I doubt you will be posting here making grandnoise statements then!

      • tenminutetokyo .

        Your days of raping the US economy are over looter, you were never supposed to stay in US long term. H-1B is for American companies, not Indian looter bodyshops. Your days of the free ride on American jobs are over. Who will India live off now?

        You have been looting USA and stealing trade secrets from USA for 20 years and now you cry you’re all going to be deported in droves? You should have thought of that before you brought your anti-white racism to America and tried to take it over. Now Americans will finally get justice they deserve from your conman criminal thieves.

        Perhaps you can build an Apple or Microsoft in India, but that’s unlikely now isn’t it? Too bad for you.

        Maybe you can sell peanuts in the railway station, looter.

      • tenminutetokyo .

        The USA had a massive tax SURPLUS in 1998 before you people arrived. USA is trillions in debt because you displaced tax-paying Americans and L-1 visa holders PAY NO TAXES. YOU are the cause of America’s debt. No more. Your days in USA are OVER.

        Too bad, you could have been nice and stayed, but no more. Now it’s time for you to go.

        America has already collapsed thanks to tens of millions of Indian looters robbing America blind.

        India and China cannot survive without looting USA. Enjoy.

        You had your chance. Now get out, and stay out.

      • tenminutetokyo .

        US econ is already 3rd world status thanks to the Indian Mafia looters. USA was booming before you arrived.

        Stab you in the back? You were only supposed to be Y2K workers and go home in 2002. Not stay in USA forever while millions of Americans are unemployed.

        What part of TEMPORARY don’t you get. Thanks for your help but USA has plenty of labor now, you’re no longer needed.

        • ReasonWithValues

          What a horrific and evil thing to say…and without any proof? Indians, and that too who are rich and Republicans, are less than .01% of the population. Most Indians are working class and middle class, and not all are Hindus. Of course Indians are highly educated, but that does not mean they are all rich and are in finance or working in wealthy clinics. Would you say what you did this Jews, Southerners, Arabs (many now buying off the media), etc.? What a racist cowardly irrational thing to say? It is obvious your prejudice is making it difficult for you to discuss cogently.

          Best wishes…

          And what does “ten minute Tokyo” (tenminutetokyo) mean…your name?

    • tenminutetokyo .

      You are America’s richest minority because you took over all the high paying jobs created by white Americans. Bank robbers are “rich” too. You are little more than sneaky looters. So what.

      You have taken the biggest handout in US history, namely $65 BILLION in remittances taken out of the US every single year for the past 20 years. Every good job you occupy was created by Americans. H-1B is the biggest job handout in world history.

      India is the biggest economic terrorist in the world.

      Then they came for the white people and there was no one to speak up.

      Enjoy your Karma, thief.

  15. Arjun Singh

    Nish Acharya, Trying hard to save interests of his political masters. Same has been said about Modi in India and liberals still trying to sell the same idea.

  16. The writer of this article dishonestly portrays Hindus as being anti-Muslim. In fact its Pakistan that concerns them.

    Huma Abedin = Pakistan – Saudi lobby. As shes basically been managing Hillary Clinton all these years, she will be running a Hilary presidency to the bane of India.

    Failing in every invasion against India, Pakistan is playing the long game. Under Hillary the US military and power will be at the disposal of Pakistan. Kashmir will be Indias Kosovo and Modi Indias Milosevic.

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for Pakistan.

    • But you Hin-doo doo sARE anti-Muslim. You are currently profiting off the rape and pillage of Agfhnaistan and Somalia and are attempting to deprive Indian Muslims of the right to earn a living by preventing the sale of beef products. At least offer compensation – and if you can’t then you are not fit to run a country. Amazed that you parasites would work liek dogs in rich Gulf countries (when no-one would give you a job) and pretend to be friends with Russia and then when the opportunity arises, stab them both in the back.

      • Slaughtering cows is not a birth right. especially when Muslims can’t even tolerate a cartoon of Mohammed. Just like slaughtering dogs & cats in the US is illegal. Every country has its taboos & laws about which animals are not allowed to be slaughtered.

        • Yes but you are sinking to the level of the same people you criticize. And the Arabs at least have their oil to insulate themselves while we have nothing.

      • Well if Hindus should be grateful for Gulf countries letting us work there ….don’t you think you camel-fucker moslems should be grateful for letting you stay and work in India even after you low life leeches divided India and created Pakistan for moslems but still decided to stay like the blood sucking leeches you are . U know as an advocate of world unity ….I see hope for humanity when the civilized world unites in it’s hatred for muslims .

        • No .. why should any employer be “grateful” for giving employment to a beggar? The fact of the matter is that that nobody wants us Indians and you should be grateful for the fact that hard-working South Indians, Muslims and Christians were sending back valuable foreign remittances in an era where our economy was shaky and we needed the money. Interestingly all the three above mentioned communities were never given much of a chance to start up businesses in the rich areas of Mumbai and were even driven out by the Shiv Sena (the lapdogs of the rich who wanted to keep their power) so the fact that the Arabs were more generous should make you feel shame. Seriously the only low life leeches I see are people like you – your kind run out in doves to Muslim and Christian countries and once there you take full advantages of all the amenities available (which you’ll never get in India) and once you reach a state of comfort, you start badmouthing the same people whose generosity you took advantage of! For example – In Malaysia all citizens of Indian origin get free education and even grants for studying abroad (provided they work for the government) – instead they refuse to get educated, get married early, plonk out three kids and live on welfare. They even refuse to speak Malay which would guarantee them a government job. Recently there has been anti-Indian feelings rising in Malaysia – nobody likes ungrateful parasites! Interesting point; In Dubai, salaries for Indians were on par with whites during the 60s – its only that we Indians kept undercutting each other and reducing each others salaries – this is why the US is importing so many Indians – to fill their uncompetitive colleges with students as most Americans cannot even afford college and then those same Indians will work for wages that are far lower than what most Americans are willing to take! You are lowering the wages there while simultaneously keeping living standards low and increasing corruption by running for public office and yet you have the nerve to call others leeches? Oh, and as for your ‘world unity’ boasts – this sounds more like NWO propaganda to me – already so many farmers in India are committing suicide now because of GMO cotton seeds but you don’t care right? You do realize that such people will slowly reduce our population through wars and sanctions after they decide to make us their enemies right?

          • ReasonWithValues

            jaykay, what are you talking about? Some of the most successful Indians in Mumbai are South Indians…More than 40% of nurses in major hospitals are from Kerala or Keralites. Many scientists at IITs, TIFR, TISS, and other major institutions are Tamilians, Telegus, Kannadas and even Keralites. Many small businesses are owned by South Indians. When I grew up in Mumbai and studied there, Tamilian labor was greatly respected. The business community fought against Shiv Sena to make sure the “Marati Only clause” in their demands were removed. South Indians were seen as: intelligent, educated, cultured, hard working, honest and ethical in Mumbai and all over North India. Even today South Indian men are considered a great catch in North India, even in Delhi…because they are seen as faithful, reliable, monogamous, educated and good breadwinners, or more supportive to working women.

            Even South Indian Muslims are preferred over Muslims from Mizrapur or Ferozepur or Lucknow these days in North India.

            What are you talking about?

      • 1st of all i’m a white american with a Muslim spouse. I’ve lived and worked in India and am thus familiar enough to call u on yr BS.

        2nd beef has nothing to do with islam and has been against Indian law for centuries. Even Indias Muslim rulers banned beef.

        Today only where it is illegal already, is the law being enforced. No new anti beef laws have been made.

        3rd you are either a media programmed westerner or a maleducated Muslim. In the US people are arrested for killing or even mistreating cats and dogs. No one gets away with selling their meat even if they come from cat dog eating cultures.

        In Muslim countries none can raise, kill or eat pigs.

        Yet ignorant people attempt to demand India to forgo its traditions and support beef.

        Such an attitude reveals you to be a bully lacking even the most basic sense of fair play or understanding of reality.

        • You’re full of bull – This scheme is just an excuse to relieve Muslims of their stake in the beef business while giving it to Hindus who then sell the cattle to foreign shores where they are slaughtered – what hypocrisy! Here is a list of Hindu Businessmen are the largest beef suppliers of India. Following are the four largest beef exporters who are Hindus.

          (1) Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd. Its owner name: Mr. Shatish &Mr. Atul Sabharwal
          Add: 92, Jolly makers, Chembur Mumbai 400021.
          (2) Arabian Exports Pvt.Ltd. Owner’s name: Mr.Sunil Kapoor
          Add: Russian Mansions, Overseas, Mumbai 400001
          (3) M.K.R Frozen Food Exports Pvt. Ltd. Owner’s name Mr. Madan Abott.
          Add : MG road, Janpath, New Delhi 110001
          (4) P.M.L Industries Pvt. Ltd. Owner’s name: Mr. A.S Bindra
          Add : S.C.O 62-63 Sector -34-A, Chandigarh 160022
          Shatish &Mr. Atul Sabharwal are using an Arabic name in order to fool the people as this company belongs to Muslim. Their main market is Middle East.

          Hindu scriptures allowed the eating of meat.
          1) Manusmriti (Chapter 5 / Verse 30) says, “It is not sinful to eat meat of eatable animals, for Brahma has created both the eaters and the eatables.”
          2) Manusmriti (5 / 35) states: When a man who is properly engaged in a ritual does not eat meat, after his death he will become a sacrificial animal during twenty-one rebirths.
          3) Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/1/2/21) that, “I eat beef because it is very soft and delicious.”
          4) Apastamb Grihsutram (1/3/10) says, “The cow should be slaughtered on the arrival of a guest, on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ of ancestors and on the occasion of a marriage.”
          5) Rigveda (10/85/13) declares, “On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.”
          6) Rigveda (6/17/1) states that “Indra used to eat the meat of cow, calf, horse and buffalo.”
          7) Vashistha Dharmasutra (11/34) writes, “If a Brahmin refuses to eat the meat offered to him on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ or worship, he goes to hell.”

          Oh yeah India is a secular democracy – the other countries you mentioned aren’t – so there goes your whole argument. The RSS (who started this whole scam) have NO RIGHT to tell people what to eat IN THE COMFORT OF THEIR OWN HOME.
          So basically telling the truth is “being a bully”? I noticed you said nothing about any of the hindus here who post worse stuff – you are nothing but an apologist and a lousy one as well. Keep on crying while I call the waaaambulance.

    • MohanThoreau

      If it is Pakistan that concern them then they would not have and should not have black money and money laundering that circulate through HAVALA via Middle East and Pakistan. These black marketers, money launders and tax evaders and corrupt individuals are in bed with ISI, HAVALA market, smugglers and wire fraudsters they are their true secret agents. Educated and Capitalist and entitlement elites of India have too much free ride by invading taxes, exchanges, levies and custome duties and quotas. A welfare of wealthy and neo elites at the expense of hard working millions of Indians in their motherland who want to live with honesty and justice. No wonder their cries of demonetization is voiced by Wal street and American media who are partner in their crimes but during my recent visit to India I did not observed any complaints but appreciation by the masses despite long lines and shortage of change.

  17. The writer of this article dishonestly portrays Hindus as being anti-Muslim. In fact its Pakistan that concerns them.

    Huma Abedin = Pakistan – Saudi lobby. As shes basically been managing Hillary Clinton all these years, she will be running a Hilary presidency to the bane of India.

    Failing in every invasion against India, Pakistan is playing the long game. Under Hillary the US military and power will be at the disposal of Pakistan. Kashmir will be Indias Kosovo and Modi Indias Milosevic.

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for Pakistan.

  18. 1991: Arkansas Gov and prez candidate Bill Clinton delivers foreign policy speech to interfere in “separatist efforts” in India & Yugoslavia.
    1992: Bill Clinton promises during his prez campaign that he will use Super 301, a law designed to impose trade sanctions impacting India.
    1994: Clinton’s close friend and Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphel says Kashmir should not be part of India
    1994: Bill Clinton supports Pakistan on Kashmir and accuses India of human rights violations
    1994: Bill Clinton targets Indian pharmaceutical industry for destruction by foisting TRIPS provisions as part of WTO
    1994: Bill Clinton administration offers F-16 planes to Pakistan and Robin Raphel announces offer from Delhi
    2001: USCIRF a hate group stereotypes Hindus as “serious violators of religious freedom” & demands that US govt ensure conversions be permitted in India
    2005: Hillary Clinton causes outrage by calling for India to give up nuclear program and reconcile itself to non-proliferation treaty
    2006: Hillary Clinton who is part of Senate India Caucus stabs India in back & votes YEA on ‘killer amendment’ to Indo-US Nuclear deal bill. This killer amendment is intended to kill the deal and set back Indo-US relations by 30 years.
    2007: Hillary Clinton booed when she defends Musharraf and attacks Obama for saying he would attack Pakistan and take out Osama bin Laden
    2009: Hillary Clinton releases report of anti-Hindu USCIRF by a Committee consisting of Christians, Muslims and others but not Hindus.

    • Something you appreciate Sir. Death to Music, Poetry, Art, Song & Dance! Explaining an American Malignancy from JFK to Hillary


    • Just wait till Trump stops all H1 visas and dumps people like you out of the US. And if you have a green card already , then just wait till China dumps the dollar and turns the US into a third world country. Then see how your beloved whites will turn on you – you’ll be begging for the ‘Islamofascists’ (an imaginary term coined by jooish creeps like Bill Maher to describe the SAME murderers they THEMSELVES arm, train and equip and provide medical help in The Golan Heights) and their ‘tender mercies’.

      • Interesting you say that …This “beloved White” will stand with all in the Indo-American community if Trump turns out to be anything but a President for all Americans. I firmly believe that the Indian community has been a hugely positive influence on the fabric of our diverse country. A country I proudly served. At the same time I also welcome the affection all immigrants (including me) have for the country they left behind. There is nothing wrong with Nationalism as long as that Nationalism does not endorse genocide of another or promote imperialism. Without Nationalism we would not have the Olympics, World Cup events, or a sense of ethno-culture. Of course that also brings with it borders, language and Flags. Nationalism in the negative can lead to territorial disputes , discrimination and war. But I am rambling… Alleging Trump will turn this country into a third World country is silly until you see him implement policies that work to do just that. We just finished an 8 year nightmare of a Presidency that was driven by Marxist ideology and the notion America needed to pay for it’s sins and to do so needed to be turned into a third world crap hole. 8 years of being reminded that if you were White you must pay for the sins of your fathers going back to the Crusades. 8 years of listening to an inexperienced feckless leader and incompetent manager do his best to smother GDP growth and small business. His replacement was as palatable as a roasted sea slug covered in cow dung. The Clintons were in it for the Clintons and believe me they would go where the money is and not service the needs of the country. I am not sure where you stand with the Palestinians, ISIS and the rest of the 7th century throwbacks that are promoting a modern day caliphate. For me I wish them all the best in another life but in this one I want them to disband, disappear and perhaps when necessary.. die…..

        • Ha ha ha … oh, so you’re going to “stand by them”? Same way as you whites stood by The Native Americans, The Russians in the ’90s and The Libyans and The Syrians? Cool. You can then join them and leave the country as they get shunted out the door slowly. News flash: You and your kind have ZERO credibility. You are merely using rich Indians to stash their black money in the US so as to prevent America’s slow, inevitable slide to third world status. And don’t get me wrong, but I thought you liked all those 7th century throwbacks – after all according to any independent news source that’s not western, The US/UK/Nato has been arming, training and financing ISIS – you know the same people you claim t be fighting. RT (Russian News Service) recently stated that they bombed an ISIS command center – and most of the people killed in the airstrike were US, UK and Mossad special forces. Without the help of another set of 7th century wackos known as Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, you wouldn’t have the petro-Dollar standard and America would already be a third world country. Your remark about you not liking being reminded of all your sins if you were white says MORE about YOU than anything I could ever post. This is typical of your kind: You NEVER take responsibility for your actions. Bomb Iraq. Wasn’t your fault. Destroy Libya. Wasn’t your fault.And you expect me to take you seriously because of your claims? Here let me get the waaaaaambulance for you. The Indians who are in the US so pathetically, desperately want to be white that it must make you happy to see someone who buys into the con job known as the ‘American Dream’ so slavishly. You’d sound smarter if you didn’t post at all.

          • It’s time for USA to bomb India for all the theft India has done to USA. Let’s home Trump makes it quick and uses nuclear weapons to erradicate all the Indian cockroaches from the face of the earth.

            India owes USA $10 trillion in stolen wages.

            How Record Immigration Levels Robbed American High-Tech Workers of $10 Trillion


          • ReasonWithValues

            What is wrong with you? You seem mentally unwell. How many people do you hate? What ethnicity, race and nationality are you? You want the US to bomb Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya…and now you want India to be bombed? So the only country you want to avoid bombing is “Pakistan, Israel and Saudi Arabia”? You probably want Israel and Saudi Arabia to be bombed too, for their aid from the US, that runs into billions? Why do you want to bomb so many countries? Somebody should pass on your comments to the Jewish lobby group in DC…since you are threatening everybody. You need a mental check up. Some of your rantings sound like that Dylan Roof guy who went into a church, shot and killed 9 African Americans. He was spewing out so much hate too.

          • tenminutetokyo .

            USA loaned Russia $150 billion to bail its failed ass out in 1998 and Russia never repaid the loan to date.

            White people created the modern world, those other countries never invented anything.

        • tenminutetokyo .

          You are dreaming if you think white Americans will stand behind Indians. You have no idea the depth of the anger among white Americans towards Indians. White Americans will help put then handcuffs on as Indians are rounded up like roaches and deported by 10s of millions for the looting of America.

          India is going to have to find something else to do!

          Indians have already turned USA into a 3rd world by remitting $65 billion out in wages every single year. No more. India’s party in USA is over big time.

        • tenminutetokyo .

          You are delusional. Most white Americans hate the Indian Mafia with a passion since you looted all the companies they worked so hard to build.

      • tenminutetokyo .

        India’s days of raping the US economy are OVER. Indian looters are going to have to find something else to do, and find some other country to rob blind.

        Too bad for India since it is unable to build its own Apple or Microsoft back in India.

        Where will millions of Indian looters work now that they are going to all be kicked out of USA?

        India better find a new country to rob real fast.

    • tenminutetokyo .

      1998 – President Bill Clinton raises H-1B visa caps from 65,000 to 115,000 after white Americans spent 20 years building Silicon Valley.

      2001 – President Bill Clinton raises H-1B visa caps from 115,000 to 195,000 so India can loot out more IT jobs created by white Americans, but which India wants. Indians cry “SHARE YOUR TECHNOLOGY WITH US!”.

      2003 – H01B caps lower back to 65,000 so India bodyshops scheme to use unlimited L-1 visa to send 1,000,000s of Indian looters to US to loot unlimited IT tech jobs in IT companies built by white Americans.

      2004 – Silicon Valley collapsed so Indians move to Wall St to loot good Wall St jobs. Lehman, Fannie Mae, Bear Sterns all collapse in 2008, causing the US financial crisis while Indians send $65 BILLION in remittances back to India from US every single year. One Fannie Mae “programmer” from India is found guilty of planting logic bomb code in Fannie Mae servers and is later jailed in US for 11 years.

      2005-2015 US continues to decline as L-1s pay no taxes but send $65 billion out of US economy every single year, throwing 90 million Americans out of work, and destroying the US economy.

      2016 – Americans finally wake up to the mass crimes India has done to US and elect Trump so that he can round up all the job robber looters and ship them all back to India.

  19. American Hindu here…..Just posted my Absentee ballot in Ohio. Standing up to IslamoNazis.


    • Right. This hypocrite calls other ‘nazis’ while conveniently ignoring the fact that peopel are being killed for mere suspicion of eating beef in the corrupt shit-hole of a nation he has escaped from yet professes to love!

    • Brilliant. Apparently my post is ‘under moderation’ – hindus acan dish out criticism the ysure can’t ttake it!

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Indians only hire other Indians. Look who’s talking.

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