6 Indian American chefs taking over social media

Now Indian chefs are on the rise and are taking over social media thanks to their cooking capabilities.

As we’ve previously reported, the past four decades have seen an explosive growth in the number of Indian restaurants across the United States. The sharp increase in the Indian American population and popularity of Indian cuisine globally, has contributed to this craze.

Now Indian chefs are on the rise and are taking over social media thanks to their cooking capabilities.

Aarthi Sampath

Aarathi Sampath (Courtesy of Instagram)

Aarthi Sampath is a chef at The Breslin in New York City. Previously, she worked at Junoon, a New York based restaurant run by famous chef Vikas Khanna. Sampath is known for her smart and sassy personality in addition to becoming the first Indian female chef to win the Food Network show, ‘Chopped’ where she prepared Upma and Shrikand-two popular Mumbai dishes. Sampath’s cooking has garnered her attention on social media. For more of her delectable dishes follow her culinary adventures here.

Rucha Bahulkar

Rucha Bahulkar (Courtesy of Facebook)

Rucha Bahulkar comes from a multi-talented family. She currently resides in Mumbai, India and owns her own business, Creamy Affairs. The company creates cakes that accurately resemble anything from babies, jewelry, shrimp, chicken, and even ice cubes. Bahulkar’s business is rapidly growing with high demand for the intricate pieces. Follow her stunning creations here.

Ajesh Deshpande

Ajesh Deshpande is the head chef of The Cube, a small wine and cheese bar in Naperville, Illinois. He’s fresh take on cuisine and approach to cooking provides a relatable and delectable dining experience. From risotto to burrata, Deshpande’s bright dishes have captivated audiences on social media. Feast your eyes on his creations here.

Milon Miah

Milon Miah (Courtesy of Twitter)

You may not have heard of Miah just yet, but you will in the weeks to come. Miah was just crowned best Indian chef in the North East, England in a competition airing on Sky TV. He beat out 30 competitors and will compete in another competition to be determined the overall winner. Miah was praised on his ability to teach patrons that Indian food encompasses more than curry. Follow him compete here.

Maneet Chauhan

Food Network's Maneet Chauhan at the Indiaspora 2013 Inaugural Ball at Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC, Saturday, January 19. Chauhan prepared food for the Indiaspora ball. Photo by Global India Newswire/Shahi Prabhakaran.
Maneet Chauhan

Maneet Chauhan is a well-known celebrity chef who regularly appears on the Food Network’s Chopped as a judge. She’s also the author of ‘Flavors of my World: A Culinary Tour Through 25 Countries’, has appeared on Southern Living, and has amassed over 12,000 followers on Twitter. She’s taken social media by storm, no doubt but if you want to learn how to cook from Chauhan, read her blog here, or the next time you’re in Nashville stop by her restaurant Chauhan Ale and Masala House.

Saransh Goila

Saransh Goila (Courtesy of Wikipedia)Saransh Goila is well-known for winning the Food Food Maha Challenge, an Indian competitive cooking show. He hosts a number of cooking shows and holds the record for longest road journey by a chef in the Limca Book of records. He has taken social media by storm with his cooking videos and road journeys which you can follow on Twitter.  You can catch him on Youtube on his show ‘The Spice Traveller’ here.

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