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900-year-old human remains found near Mohawk Dam, Ohio

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Local historians claim the bones belong to Hopewell or Delaware tribes

Ohio police authorities have found the remains of a human believed to have died hundreds of years ago, reported Associated Press.

According to Coshocton County Sheriff who spoke to AP, the human remains were found on June 21 in a field above the Mohawk Dam. The preliminary investigation of the bones has revealed that the remains are at least 900 years old.

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The discovery of the 900-year-old human remains was made by a man who was hunting for arrowheads. After seeing the bones that resembled a human, he made a frantic call to the authorities, who later came to inspect the site.

The investigation conducted by County Coroner Dr. Robert Gwinn found the remains to be that of a 900-year-old human, but it took the authorities sometime before getting on the conclusion.

Currently, the remains have been moved from the spot to Licking County Coroner’s Office by a team of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for further investigation.

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Local historians were quoted by Fox 8 saying that the bones could belong to Hopewell or Delaware tribes of Native Americans.

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