The entrepreneurial diplomacy: New ambassadors wanted

How soon will America discover a new world of global entrepreneurialism and bounce with smart nations for fair trade and mutual prosperity? Here is a blueprint. 

How difficult is it to open a new universe of billion untapped customers outside USA?
How challenging is national mobilization of entrepreneurialism to create grassroots prosperity?
How opposing are common global age realities and how are they being blocked and by whom?

FACT: Today, some 200 nations are desperately seeking varying degrees of grassroots prosperity. They are all anxiously ready to re-energize entrepreneurialism and diligently trying their best to fit into this new global age of technocalamity; where overflow of free technologies have organizations spinning out of control, they also wish to understand the alpha-dreamer; the 2 billion young and old well connected global populace now the new and largest new demographic controlling new global mindshare and consumption behavior that have become new realities.

So how does this work? 

Innovative Election Platforms: 2020   “…..Around the world there are dozens of very important elections coming up between now and 2020. Political leaderships in almost all corners of the world are trying extremely hard to remain in power while coping with varying levels of panic. All political leaderships are desperately seeking a miracle to wash off the decade’s long downward spirals; the increased erosion of the Middle Classes, the droughts of prosperity and the harvesting of fruitless fields.

In response Expothon Strategy released a powerful global program on to mobilize 5000-10,000 small medium businesses in a nation or region and dance on global stage of exportability and innovative excellence. The old model will simply not work.

Speaking innovatively, innovation in isolation is suffocation; speaking universally, university degrees no longer guarantee great jobs; speaking economically, start-up businesses and incubators are exhausted like real-estate projects. Speaking politically, silence on hard debates and elimination of bonfires of creative intellectualism on grassroots prosperity proves incompetency. However, the miracle is still hidden right in their backyards, in bold ignitions of national mobilization of entrepreneurial talent as a discovery of largest buried national resource. The business women of the world are the largest hidden treasure. The key to transformation is bold dialogues and not single-day lip-service or teleprompters’ knowledge-based events. Time has come for leadership to prove entrepreneurial leadership and yearlong mobilization of hidden national talents.

Globally speaking, “entrepreneurialism” is always diverse and tolerant; it’s the often the varying political types of leadership that’s not. Making national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as a major open national mandate, a better world would emerge as nations would be more occupied with expanding fair trading and grassroots prosperity.

This is how diversity problems are solved; this is how tolerance is created; this is how entrepreneurial collaborations bring grassroots prosperity; this how we move forward; this is how fake news and economies are being overtaken; this how innovative election platforms lead and win…..”

What does all this mean to smart entrepreneurial mind and how does this work? 
Today, some of the biggest assets to global entrepreneurial deployments are the small medium businesses already doing over US$10-100 million in turnover. These business men and women arealready well positioned in the foreign markets, somewhat familiar with global issues, and all along seeking out highly selective political vantage points, time has come to play a new key role by assisting home country and in national mobilizing of entrepreneurialism, maximized use of technology, expand trade and prosperity, approach nation by nation create bounce and enter into a better and harmonious global age.

Global age smart business man and women cognizant of the value creation models are new heroes in gaining the global age spotlights. They are already expert on multiple nations; they are already global in their thinking and most importantly appreciate collaborative synthesizim as a forward solution. They are the best frontline teams. Enterprise owners are the best ambassadors of the nation, their performance and their high-quality goods and services make them great ambassadors to fly around the world and create mutual prosperity. 

(Naseem Javed is the founder and Chairman of Mentorian Worldwide, the developers of Expothon Strategy and National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. He is now leading a worldwide movement on how to create “supremacy of innovative excellence and business leadership performance” via high speed “mass market penetration strategy implementation module.” A corporate philosopher, he also conducts special “CEO Executive Workshops” and “Global Age Strategy Sessions” to create more powerful marketable “High-Value Global Corporate Assets.” Naseem is a world recognized authority on corporate nomenclature, global and domain naming complexities, and cyber affairs, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. He is building a global network of high quality Mentorian Ambassadors.)

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