Unity Gathering in Sunnyvale, CA, on May 29, for hate crime victim Dhriti Narayan

Dhriti Narayan
Dhriti Narayan; photo via GoFundMe

Dhriti Narayan, seven others were mowed down by a motorist who thought they were Muslims.

On April 23, 13-year-old Sunnyvale, California, high schooler Dhriti Narayan met with a horrible nightmare, when she was mowed down, along with seven other people, by a motorist. The culprit, identified as Isaiah Joel, deliberately plowed his car on the unsuspecting group as he thought them to be Muslims.

Dhriti took the worst impact of the attack and continues to fight for her life in ICU.

As the incident yet again proves the rising incidences of hate crimes in America, civic and minority rights organizations are urging to create a better understanding and acceptance of all races and religions in America.

Sensing the need to create awareness and show solidarity with the young girl and her family, a Unity Gathering is being organized in Sunnyvale on May 29. The public event is hosted by the City of Sunnyvale, in partnership with the Islamic Networks Group, faith leaders, local non-profits and community members. The Unity Gathering organizers are inviting the public to come and join them in support of the eight pedestrians injured last month and find ways to heal and strengthen the community.

The program will include an interfaith and intercultural dialogue and call to action. Iftar refreshments will be served to mark the ongoing month of Ramadan. Sunnyvale Mayor Larry Klein and former Assemblymember Rich Gordon would be among the speakers.

“We stand in solidarity with our residents and embrace our community of many backgrounds and beliefs,” the invite says. “We will continue to define ourselves by openness and acceptance for all. We are heartbroken that hate and fear exist here, and invite you to join us as we find a path forward for our community.”

As community efforts to help the victims are underway, a GoFundMe page started for Dhriti Narayan has raised more money than its intended target. In 29 days, some 12,777 people helped raise $621,960. The goal was $500,000.

GofFundMe page for 13-year old Indian American hate crime victim Dhriti Narayan raises more than $600,000

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