40K to 40 charities: Celebrating 40th birthday the Mindy Kaling way

The Indian American actor and producer Mindy Kaling celebrates 40th birthday by donating $1,000 to 40 charities. Celebs Reese Witherspoon and Padma Lakshmi weigh in with suggestions.

Turning 40 is often equated as an important landmark in a person’s life. And Indian American actor Mindy Kaling sure knows how to do it meaningfully. The actor, who turned 40 on June 25, took to Instagram to announce that she is marking the day and counting the blessings in her life by contributing $1,000 to 40 different charitable organizations that help others.

Kaling kicked off the endeavor by donating $1,000 to RAICES, which runs immigration legal services in Texas, serving under-served immigrant children, families  and refugees.. She asked her Instagram followers to also suggest charities that worked toward important causes.

Kaling’s tweet read:

The actor’s noble deed was noticed by commoners and celebs alike. Among them, Hollywood actor Reese Witherspoon contributed to a charity @girlsinc as a birthday gift for Kaling. Indian American cook book author and TV personality Padma Lakshmi, too, endorsed Kaling’s super idea and suggested a few charities such as the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound), the Planned Parenthood Action, Abortion Should Be Free and ACLU, among others, to contribute.

Kaling’s initiative has since been liked more than 380,000 times on Instagram. She also posted a fun video of her on her birthday going about doing her daily chores as a birthday song played in the background. The caption read: “When your birthday falls on a Monday and you wanna turn up but still have responsibilities.”


Later in the day, she also posted a glam picture of her marking her big day.

Kaling, actress, writer, comedian and producer, shot to fame with her sitcom The Office on NBC, for which she also received an Emmy Award nomination. Her comedy series The Mindy Project further sealed her success and she became one of the very few Indian Americans to be seen on American entertainment.

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