Petition launched on the White House website in support of Senate bill S. 386

The petition, titled “Pass H.R. 1044/S.386,” was launched on July 15 and is aiming for 100,000 signatures to compel a White House response.

The month of July has been eventful for supporters of immigration reforms in the country. Last week, with the passing of H.R. 1044, or the “Fairness for high skilled Immigrants Act” by the US House of Representatives, many immigration activists are beginning to believe that finally there might be light at the end of the tunnel, especially for those got caught in the green card back log.

While initial victories are important as they set the momentum for bigger things to come, the immigration reform activists are also aware that the bill has a long way to go before it becomes a law. So many are now working toward creating an awareness about the urgency of passing S. 386, the companion bill of H.R. 1044 in the Senate, which would be next step, followed by signing by the president before the bill becomes a law.

In order to expedite the process and show an unwavering support for ending green card back log, a petition was launched Monday, July 15, on the White House website. The petition titled, “Pass H.R.1044/S.386 – Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act,” aims for 100,000 signatures to compel a White House response.

It says that the reforms would help a huge number of people who want to make America their home legally and want to contribute to American economy in a positive way.

Started anonymously, the petition states: “For decades, Indian and Chinese nationals are stuck in green card backlog due to an arbitrary country of origin limit set on green cards issued every year. Highly populous countries produce more STEM graduates and they are all employed in US and waiting for green cards to be available for decades now. Some will not get green card in their life time with the current backlog.” It adds, “This arbitrary and discriminating per country limit must be removed to favor high skilled immigration just based on skills. Country of birth or color is NO skill.”

As of 2 pm EST, the petition has been signed by more than 14,500 individuals.

It may be noted that while H.R. 1044 was passed with a huge bipartisan support in the House, the Senate, where Republicans are in the majority, can be a different story. For many who are stuck in the green card back log for years, now the major concern is the passing of S. 386 the companion bill.

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S. 386 was introduced in the Senate back in February by Senators Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Mike Lee (R-UT). This bill, which is also bipartisan, was referred to the committee on July 9.

However, Sen. Rand Paul, who has been opposed to the Fairness Act, has put a hold to S.386 and has introduced the BELIEVE Act (Backlog Elimination, Legal Immigration and Employment Visa Enhancement Act) (S. 2091), instead.

Currently many Indians as well as Chinese are campaigning in support of the S.386. These two nationalities remain the worst affected due to the mounting green card backlog, which runs into decades, creating a financial and emotional duress on families.

After the passage of H.R. 1044 in the House, many Indian nationals are working to create a momentum for S. 386. The petition is part of that effort inform the authorities that the need for the reforms is urgent.

Here is the link to the petition.

A petition launched on the White House website to save H4 EAD


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  1. Tanay Mishra

    The whole tech sector is filled with useless IT coolies from Underware Pradesh and Telugunnana areas of South India. Using fake degrees, bogus certificates and lying on visa applications, over 3.3 MILLION of these fraudsters have sneaked into the US since Y2K nearly 20 years. Each and every one of these scumbags needs to deported and their kids need to be made to serve mandatory 2-year pubic service. Enough is enough.

    • Tanay Undrware Mishra

      Not sure where you are from but your language speaks you are totally disgusting and you have no idea about what you are talking. I searched for your LinkedIn or all the job profiles, you seem to me the Fake one out there. Stop bullshitting the people fighting for the real cause of HR1044 and S386. If you have a genuine opinion express in a professional way or just get lost.

      • Not sure where you are from but your telegugu is the ugliest language spoken by you and your totally disgusting telegu freaks from your state and you have no idea about what you are talking or falking but it is not a language its a dialect used by kamathi working class rickshaw drivers, panwallahs, sweepers, coolies, janitors etc. from Underpant aka nikkar Poddesh. I searched for your LinkedIn and all the jobs you stole by lying on visa forms, faking resumes, impersonating job candidates, and bogus IRS scams, you seem to me the Fuku one out there and many more who look like you, talk like you, smell like you, and never went to college. Stop shitting on the streets of Undergarment Pandesh and clean up all the filth left by your people all over india that modi is fighting for the real cause of cleaning up by making that country look clean to foreigners. If you have a genuine opinion which is like a mega big hole in the backside, you will need to plug it and not express yourself on the streets every way and just get lost.

  2. I support high educated Indian get GC, but this bill is just a scam.

  3. IndianAmericanIT

    Country cap should be removed, but couple of other issues needs to be addressed first.

    1) Filter out fake resumes and fake degrees . I know it is really impossible, but they can have a lie detector when they go for consulates. Fake resumes along with H4 EAD nearly killed IT Job market. I was a H1b, i really support good talent, but 85% of IT crowd is fake and false degrees. Govt should do this first before going for removing per country cap. Lot of good talent from IIT, BITs, NIT’s are suffering becoz of the fake and useless IT crowd.

    2)If some countries like Norway or Sweden didn’t use their numbers for the last so many years, those can be given to Highly populous India and china.

    3) For US educated preference should be given, Eg: those who studied MS in top 25 universities there shouldn’t be any quota. ( I strongly support this).

  4. Marcos Valencia

    I just signed the petition to oppose this pseudo-fairness bill. For the ones interested to sign. Please use the link below:

    Bills S 386/HR 1044 will import a swarm of Indian workers, who have already abused H-1B visa in the decade, in detriment to Americans or immigrants from other nations. Those bills will also destroy racial equality in benefits of Indian workers; everybody else loses under these bills. The lawmakers should stop advancing these Bills to protect U.S. workers and racial diversity.
    H.R. 1044 and/or S. 386, the so called Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Bill is discriminatory to non-Indians. A fair immigration reform should not benefit just one nationality detriment to other nationals.

    • Vijay Krishna Vepakomma

      According to the existing law, if you are born in Bangladesh, you can get your Green Card if you filed in 2017, but if you are from India, you would have to wait even if you filed in 2010. How fair is that?

      • Radhe Shyam

        Very faire. But your backside is very dark. Do you not clean it regularly? First brush with flair&lovely, then put Ebummy rise’n’shine twice in thick layers. It look good and full.

      • Marcos Valencia

        Fair is to play by the rules imposed. If you change the rules for the benefit of everyone that is a different story, but this bill only benefits one or two nationalities.

        The bill is so unpopular that a petition on “we the people” website did not reach the target to get a response from the White House.

  5. Tanay Mishra

    Indians need to be deported in even more numbers than other groups. They have ruined the US with their blatant job stealing, fake resumes, visa frauds, IRS scams, nepotism, backstabbing and utter lack of civic responsibility. They don’t uphold the laws of the country and are constantly breaking them for their own benefit. When the entire state of Andra Predesh and half of their cousins in Teluganana have migrated en masse with completely fake credentials, why would anyone in their right minds allow these nefarious occupiers in??? NO MORE VISA OR GREEN CARD FOR ANY INDIAN, PERIOD. GO BACK NOW, YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE ANYMORE.

    • And you should be the first one to deport

    • First you go madam then talk about your other fake fellow indians

    • Samuel joshi

      @Tanay mishra
      So you had already got your green card and writing
      Bigotry comments here to press down your fellow Indians from getting their green cards. Your jealousy and piece of shit intentions has nothing to do with bill. Shame on you for being jealousy on
      Your own community which has fed you. It’s your karma!
      If you apply your common sense, then you will properly understand that this bill removes backlog for the countries who are struck in the queue and implements the process on first come, first serve basis regardless of their respective nations. Yes Indians and Chinese people will be initially favoured Who are stucked in the wait times from decade and the folks from other countries who were
      Already applied for green cards Had got their green cards within 2 years and all those folks might have become American citizens today. But the backlog communities are still living on their H1B renewals with their growned up kids. The bill might initially clear Indians and Chinese folks from backlog but eventually the the process will be streamlined and treats every human with same wait time in the queue. If you think only Indians are favoured than it’s your foolishness, do a simple math here, most of the tech workers are from India and China and majority of the H1B applications are from Indian nation, every year. Again it’s a lottery based system so don’t judge the process with your polluted intentions

    • sampath mishra

      u tanya Mishra if you want indians to be deported , then get your bags packed and fk… off from this country you are the first one to leave.. you are an indian and u talk such bullshit language?.You dont even know how to properly write in english and you are talking about immigration .. what a joke, here many people are suffering from back log and i am sure u might have secured h4 ead from ur husband and u are talking all this nonsense shut up and get out of this thread… have some sense before you speak

  6. This bill will bring some simplicity and fairness to the complex immigration system. Like any legislation there will be supporters and detractors. There is no perfect legislation. But the key is to look at it as objectively as possible. I have to say this has been overdue for too long.

  7. Stop the bullshit that Chinese will benefit.
    This is “Indian First” bill, and ALL Chinese oppose this stupid bill!

    • Common sense

      Who so ever you are? first of all this is America and it is about America and not about Chinese.
      The rule is only for benefit of America and should be like that. America is just trying to make the rule to compete with Canada or Europe to retain skilled people rather than people who are eating up taxpayers money. In retrospect the people who have been entering are mainly eating up the taxpayer money so they got benefited without paying back to society.

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