Indian American stand-up comic Hari Kondabolu heads to Hawaii



Noted ethnic caricaturist to perform in Maui and Honolulu in December.

Fans of Hari Kondabolu style comedy involving some seriously funny jokes on identity and immigration told with a straight face may like to know that he would be wrapping up his country tour with performances in Hawaii in early December.

The Indian American stand-up comedian would be performing at Mulligans on the Blue at Wailea, Maui on December 2. The show would have Molly Austin and host Ted Anderson as opening guests.

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He will have another show at Blue Note Hawaii at Honolulu on December 5.

The Queens-raised, Brooklyn based comedian whose comedy tours attract a medley of audiences, wrapped up his comedy shows in Madison, Wisconsin just before Thanksgiving.

Hari Kondabolu is one of the first South Asian artists in America who brought to the fore the problem of caricaturing ethnic identities in America.

The comedian, writer and now podcaster received rave reviews last year, for his 2018, Netflix special, ‘Warn Your Relatives.’

The show was described as exceptional and added to Kondabolu’s already robust reputation as the South Asian artist creating a shift in how the west views artists of color.

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Hari who has also released two comedy albums, Waiting for 2042 and Mainstream American Comic, is known for being one of the first Asian artists to talk about LGBT and gay rights in mainstream.

It is his nuanced approach toward Asian stereotypes without poking fun at them that makes him an interesting artist to present the South Asian view to the world.

Among a few Asian stars to have performed on The Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kondabolu has established his place in American comedy circles.

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But with the release of his documentary, The Problem With Apu, the comedian pushed the boundaries that had not been explored before.

Kondabolu’s national tour of stand-up acts includes his trademark take on race and culture. After entertaining the audiences at scenic Hawaii, the comedian would head to glitzy Las Vegas for a show on December 14.

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