Missing at Davos 2020: National economic development survival kits

Davos 2020: 20 suggestions to improve grassroots prosperity that will save nations from populism and restless citizenry.

There is an assembly of darker clouds; climate change storms, financial collapse thunders and techno-calamities of sorts, still not a perfect storm yet; some large city will drown overnight first or some desert turn into lush jungle in one season. The gentle or vicious miracle of nature will turn the minds. Meanwhile, on climate change, the rest is public relations and political charade. Empty treasuries and fake hologramic economies will not have the money or answers. Why are the fundamentals issues involving 100 million SMEs of the world ignored? Why their hidden wealth of talent and productivity of real value creation ignored? Why missing at WEF 2020 such topics… let’s go skiing at Davos…

The 20 Step Solutions: The following 20 suggestions are keys on survival kits like national mobilization of entrepreneurialism to improve grassroots prosperity and how integrated deployment of platform economy will save them from populism and restless citizenry. Intense and honest debates with authoritative discussions are prerequisites.

Elimination of business set-up costs at the starting gates of the enterprise:
Eliminate, all filing fees and registration costs for any new business of any kind set up anywhere within the nation, such items can be double-taxed later but no point in strangulation at the gates. All business related telecommunication costs and latest technologies should be free for first 3-5 years. All public sectors officials intensely trained on entrepreneurialism to uplift global trade so they become alliance with vision and knowledge not what they are now. Walk into any major Ministry of Trade of any kind in any developed nation and discuss any unique or major business idea, outside demands for useless feasibilities and dead beat case-studies demanding months there are critical lacks of business skills. All college education, all university education fees returned in double for anyone engaged in SME and encourage students to try out things. Successful enterprises will pay back in multiples in taxes.

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

Make if official and national policy and massive immersion on such bold fronts. Create mobilization of diversity as a national gift on global business expansion. Western economies blessed with massive numbers of immigrants; as such on global expansion they are the bridge to open new overseas markets.
When a staff of 100 has 50% immigrants the enterprise also has potential to target 50 foreign countries on exports and working alliances. Create exportability revolutions via protocols of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism. Futurism calls for futuristic literacy, understanding real entrepreneurialism is essential. Create a 24x7x365 culture and redefine productivity routines of national workforce. The global age demands compressed and high quality critical thinking to blend with automation the pencil-pushing hardworking days is but dead. Create work-elimination replaced with lifelong-learning as new critical thinking force. Create national awareness amongst working-citizenry to appreciate work-elimination via automation a blessing to allow and adapt to lifelong-learning and upgrade skills.

Make it regulatory but free and with full support for every SME.
Digitization of midsize economy and all surrounding logistics full free access. The world of commerce is just an open battlefield, where well trained and well equipped on free-technologies will shine, rest drown. Discover mobilization and create instant landing visas for armies of foreign entrepreneurs. Dive deeply on global entrepreneurial movement, study, why Asia dwarfs what once was the mighty entrepreneurial march from the West.
Make immigration as a national super talent base and global development source. Once digital platform economy concepts well understood the public service sector would become comfortable with such tasks.  Create free high class global-age “showcasing” of every single SME within a nation. This is a new global age revolution on how to create access and utilize digital platforms to pump grassroots prosperity.

Make mandatory transition across the nation: Critical Thinking and export-skills are essential prerequisite and minimum working criteria. What the last generation of new students missed in the classrooms. Entrepreneurialism as main bloodstream of national economy at all levels of trade. Eliminate fears and hostilities towards out of box thinking and failures, as failures are steps to success.
Create Small and Midsize business economy focus as the key driver of grassroots prosperity. Scattered across western nations are the super talented, experienced small medium enterprises, in need of uplift and increase the productivity of their local areas. Create national debates to get lip-service out with honest and real hardcore discussions. Without honest and bold dialogue nothing done.

Embrace Futurism with futuristic literacy – nationally change policies. Erase the fears of robots, as humans should only fear their own incompetency. The sooner we discover our hidden talents by skipping old skills now redundant we open space to ring in new level of confidence and take charge of more complex issues with fascinating ease. Enforce national workforce become skilled experts with platform economy and not social media. Such drastic deployments require bold leadership and bypass sluggish bureaucracies. Fire the first person for saying they have no new funding to bring change
Fire the next person for saying they are too busy and have no time to bring change. The global age promises a very bright future but demands critical thinking to fully measure the advancements.

Achieving Dramatic Results:
Given the right conditions, say within any nation, a million SME supported on such key aspects of global growth, on the forward march will uplift local grassroots communities; something currently unknown for being too entrepreneurial in nature, untouched for being too fragmented and unpracticed for serious lack of entrepreneurial staff in public and private sectors and governing authorities are killing growth and this is where the next SME revolution hidden. The Chambers of Commerce are on digital transformation track and advancements on “showcasing” their entire membership with a global bounce are the right way to help 11,000 Chambers and their combined 45 million members to spread their wings on exportability. All of the above is possible due to free overflow of technologies.

Future-Mindset: These are specialized topics, demanding global age understanding and digital platform savvy execution models. Why emerging economies are doing better on SME? Why a billion new entrepreneurs are on the march? Why they are upbeat and how a new global phase of entrepreneurialism has started?  Silence will further pushdown western economies on entrepreneurialism and therefore these topic demands bold and authoritative discussions to play the global chess. Why is the future of Small Medium Business economy missing as a hot topic at WEF Davos 2020? The global large business stakeholder focus is on global climate change issues and trade wars surrounded by limitless debt and pending collapse of global financial crisis. Broken models with empty treasuries are once again ignoring the national hidden talents and entrepreneurial powers to create real value generation and not value manipulations.

Start with economic development kit in your own regions, right away.

Rest is easy

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. www.expothon.com. He can be connected via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naseemjaved.)


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