South Asian students across US denounce communal violence in India 


Harvard, Yale students among hundreds of protestors against Delhi riots.

Hundreds of South Asian students across university campuses from East Coast to West Coast came out Thursday to denounce the ideology of hatred and violence that has engulfed India lately.

Various campuses including Harvard and Yale, saw peaceful gatherings of students at noon denouncing hatred in response to a call for ‘Holi Against Hindutva’ by an alliance of south Asian students rejecting divisive politics.

The alliance was formed in response to recent violent Delhi riots that claimed the lives of more than 50 civilians and left hundreds injured as mobs looted and burnt private properties.

Maintaining that they respect all religions and are in no way contrarian to any peaceful philosophies, students stress that they are speaking out against an ideology of division and hatred for other sects.

At the University College of Los Angeles over 120 students and faculty gathered to denounce Hindutva as well as “Islamophobic, violent, and hate-filled ideologies.”

At Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, more than hundred students, staff, faculty and locals gathered to voice support for and show their solidarity with peaceful protestors in India.

They also came out against alleged police incompetence as well as their joining forces of violence in Delhi as has been apparent in many videos that have emerged on social media.

At Columbia university in New York, the staff and students gathered and spoke about how fascist regimes resort to violence against dissenters.

At Claremont McKenna college students gathered and spoke against fascism.

At Harvard University, author and activist Suraj Yengde spoke about the innocent lives lost in Delhi violence.

He said: “Before we think about collective futures, we have to think about those individual lives that our ignorance has given birth to.”


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  1. While CAB was tabled in parliament how all logics advanced against it were not discussed? Where their leaders were idles? I think it must have been discussed sure before being passed? Anyway whatever be reasons it passed well & became effective laws as CAA. We must respect & implement it. How minorities are being persecuted in Pak etc based on religious hatred discrimination etc as well even through Ishninda draconian act. But none Muslim either fm India or abroad didn’t voice ever against them & so is continued unintrruptedly. A book over their acute inhuman persecution & discriminations are done against minorities there is written too from a Muslim pleader some Barqat. Why written so? Why so much written in Google? Why media covers so news there? But here CAA is outraged for not Muslim included as well unconstitutional too against which its validity too got challenged in Supreme Court .Despite so drama about protests were done from Shaheen Bag to Ghantaghar/Lucknow as well other places covering AMU&Jamia. What slogans were chanted there against CAA etc are known too all emphasizing over finishing Hindu Hindutva etc duly engraved. None condemned. Why Muslim will be included in CAA if for them as well others existing laws are in vogue & are given citizenship for India. Recently few Muslims of Pak too were given & settled too in Gujarat/India. As regards Tamil etc they have got in lacs in India. Why so confusion is made again & again & riots are promoted being warrior community being backed from so power greedy Hindu leaders & supporters for Muslim votes? In it dirty politics from minority is done to divide Hindu on caste line etc. They have succeeded too as world finds in media how dalits warrior castes of OBC as well other pro Congress Hindu are found cooperating Muslim much. Why not verdict over CAA is awaited? So much outcry over it done without referring anything mentioned about why persecution done from Muslim against them in Pak etc? In court in trial will all relevant matters against CAA will not figure that setting court aside so much propaganda protest riots etc are done? Had protest not done leaving matters to SC riots/arson/killing of people wouldn’t have occurred. Riot is probed. But day&night propaganda is made against Hindu for hatching conspiracy for riots from Hindu RSS BJP cops etc not AAP whose leaders are found involved well in it & being proved from eye witnesses & so videos.
    Many temples got razed to ground from invaders & now too is done sporadically. Ram janm temple was not given even for the sake of good gesture & brotherhood rather case trials done for centuries. Still vital temples of Gyan Bapi Mathura are not given magnanimously. Temples don’t form Hindu Rashtra. But why it will be destroyed just because idolatry is not in Islam? Though I don’t like it. But in face of secularism Islamic rule in India is matter of shame. Four lacs Hindu finished in Kashmir. Many in Ayodhya finished. 59 karsevak Hindu burnt alive in Godhra that triggered riots in Gujarat too in which 650 Muslims& few Hindu(over250) too killed. Who is responsible for it? None speaks. What was required to kill 59 karsevak so gruesome ways?
    Protesting CAA for so long with spewíng hate speeches caused tension in Delhi. Riot broke out. Brick batting firings etc done. Riot was engineered from AAP counselor Raza Tahir Mohammad &Yunish etc.
    Why dalit of Hindu is manipulated against nondalit Hindu from you people? Is it so hard to understand? Converted dalits were gone to perhaps Hyderabad to offer namaj. When discriminated even in sitting collectively with Muslims they were advised justifying discrimination as being done on temporary measure being newly converted? They were asked to sit separately for namaj.
    Yogendra Mondal from India was gone to Pak&what happened to him is known to all. As regards dalits in Kashmir they couldn’t be given citizenship there as not any govt jobs except safaiwal/scavenger.
    After so long persecution genocide of Hindu etc from invaders in India done for centuries & preaching over equality constitution brotherhood peace justice etc is done from you foṛ being awarded from so people in opposition domain.
    As regards Hindu Rashra I don’t think govt or Hindu has any agenda. In fact Hindu wants to stay protected in peace. Few of them have idea that so long Hindu Rashtra is not made like Pak became Islamic republic they will not be safe as is found genocide against Hindu in India since partition done. Hindu get inspired for Hindu Rashtra too finding 57 Islamic nations in the world. If they aspire so is it crime while their all crimes against Hindu are hushed up as granted being in majority in the world as well India being so dominating warrior & backed from Hindus in the name of secularism for vote bank politics. Few Muslim found involved in cow meat trade & cow smuggling were lynched for which Hindus involved got jailed from govt/court. So unless everything is not studied from all pros&con prevailing clear pictures can’t be had. Let you people discard Hindu’s festival Holi a festival of joy with colours riots for Hindu could not be able to portray the facts about Hindu suffers from them often in day today’s life while they succeeds in doing propaganda to establish false as true. Om Shanti Amen Amin.

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