Pandemic recovery: the billion unemployed on a march

The Mob by Byron Anway
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The next big item is to cope with billion jobless, workless, officeless, masked or unmasked working citizenry marching on main boulevards of the big and small cities of the world.

We must openly challenge the tradition of knowledge acquisition games; strategically propagandized by academic hierarchies, brainwashing our understanding to accept degrees and certifications as final and ultimate mastery. What further proof of our foolish un-mastery required today on stripped naked world economies of some 200 countries gasping for survival at varying rates and their educated cadre in search of glue-sniffing bags or masks to avoid lip-readers decipher cursing our collapsing systems. Follow the trail of silence on such matters.

The billion unemployed on the march are coming out in disappointments. They are wrapped in anger, more about themselves for letting their skills and crafts miss the boats, their degrees and experiences now un-trade-able, their burden of debt, guilt and sorrows un-bearable, some fought health crisis, some survived body bags, lingering in sadness, seeking truth and answers, they wander the world remotely.  The time has also come to embrace upskilling and uplifting of women entrepreneurs all across the world, as they are the other missing wheel of the national economy.

When on the march, they need answers and not riot gears, they need truth and not theatrics, and they need grassroots prosperity and not hologramic economies, and they now need brand-new thinking and new style leaderships, but are nations ready is leadership prepared?

Naseem Javed

The next big item is to cope with billion jobless, workless, officeless, masked or unmasked working citizenry marching on main boulevards of the big and small cities of the world as national leaderships across some 200 nations of the world scramble to get ready. The disconnected, debased and unemployed are looking for something more than a press conference or a well-rehearsed teleprompter show; they are not concerned for being locked-in but rather angry for locked-out of any grassroots prosperity. They already know the economic limitations and level of performance of their own local governments and therefore seeking hardcore intelligent, workable, honest answers with long-term plans of the future.

Cruelty of times:

Winners and losers are now visible and equally divided; digitized nations versus paper-pushing nations, upskilled nations versus ‘no idea, what are you talking about’ nations or dusty dry-spin nations versus bubbly wet-spin nations with new rains of printed money. The crisis of sorts when applied to some 200 nations shaping into darker clouds the big picture becomes extremely bleak, when applied selectively, some nations developed new postures and some have their larger businesses doubled their wealth. In coming months, economists of the world will lay out new shocking numbers.

Why is academia, across the world, so scared of “Tacit Knowledge”; like riding a bike, something that cannot be ‘written’ as a degree course or series of lectures in a classroom, only actual process of riding a bicycle teaches it, like swimming, like going to war, or inventing a smart-phone. Academia loves “Explicit Knowledge”, like bookkeeping, something, precisely written systematically, to practice and eventually become financial wizard to run mega corps or expert to tackle Panama Papers. True and correctly, all sciences and special topics are ‘explicit knowledge’ based. Entrepreneurialism is not. Just, recall one single conference on this differentiation. Study ‘Futurism is Workless’ on Google

So long million inventors like Steve Job, never claimed to be Surgeon or Airline Pilot, and stayed practicing on his or her own crafts, why should academia talking a short course of “entrepreneurship” on LinkedIn or some academic coach suddenly becomes entrepreneurial master. This is fakery. No wonder, today some 100 million MBA in heavy debts are trying to figure out how to paddle resumes.

Today, out of box thinkers, left outside, while the inside world of global economies, free trades, globalization of sorts and hologramic economies controlling major institutions controlled by great masters of the lest era mostly controlling the game in deep silence. Before we accept today’s harsh realities as final outcome of our so call accumulated and infected education and intelligentsia, the left over ignorance is now our safety net because it is the only place left to open new doors.

When were the best times to “digitize” economies… it was a decade ago.
When were the best times to “design” productivity and performance… it was decade ago
When were the best times to “upskilling” working citizenry… it was also a decade ago

Nations gasping can advance by deployment of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms of upskilling and exportability and create massive occupational activity to calm the restless citizenry.

The unanswered questions to the nations are on what percentage of their Ministries of Industry Trade and Commerce and Small Business Enterprises if skilled enough and ready for such transformations. The same unanswered questions are on what percentage of their national trade groups, associations and Chambers of Commerce if are skilled enough for such tasks, open for quick immersions on deployments but not remain in silence. Upskilling of the Public Sector is often the number one priority. Explore high power senior leadership transformation programs for digital age mobilization.

Nations can avoid restless citizenry and blowing winds of populism; futurism of ‘creating local grassroots prosperity’ demand clear-cut objectives and honest debates to achieve “occupationalism” to avoid restless citizenry. Time has come to digitize, optimize and mobilize. Organize bold and open discussions to bring key players under one umbrella.

The rest is easy

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. His latest new book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world. He can be connected via LinkedIn:


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