Enjoy Inauguration Day with Kamala Harris’ favorite dish!

Chef Robert Dorsey's Inauguration Day Dinner menu
Chef Robert Dorsey’s Inauguration Day Dinner menu

Bay Area chef creates special meal to honor Indian American VP-elect.

An Oakland, California Chef has created an “Inauguration Day Dinner” in honor of America’s first woman Vice President-elect and Bay Area native, Kamala Harris.

East Bay Chef Robert Dorsey is serving up a special take-out meal featuring one of Harris’ favorite dish, seafood gumbo to celebrate the Biden-Harris administration taking office Wednesday, ABC7News reported.

Louisiana’ official state cuisine, Gumbo consists primarily of a strongly-flavored stock, meat or shellfish, a thickener, and celery, bell peppers, and onions.

Dorsey said he and Harris both grew up in Berkeley, had the same first grade teacher, Mrs. Frances Wilson, at Thousand Oaks Elementary school, and love gumbo!

“I had Mrs. Wilson for the first and second grade so I had the luxury of having her two years,” Dorsey, Chef and Owner of Robert Dorsey Catering and Events, was quoted as saying.

“It wasn’t until five or six years ago that I realized that Vice president-elect also had Mrs. Wilson as a teacher. Prior to learning this, Mrs. Wilson had been one of the instrumental individuals of my life. She was one of the first individuals that gave me hope and gave me life.”

Dorsey noticed that he had a lot more in common with vice president-elect, their love of gumbo. “That is what sparked me to put that on the Inauguration Day menu,” Dorsey told ABC7News.

“The fact that, being in Berkeley and coming from the melting pot at Thousand Oaks, where we came from, was really fitting. The true connection is our love affair with gumbo”

Dorsey’s love of cooking started over three decades ago and finds one of his joys in sharing different cultures through food.

The Inauguration Day Dinner includes an appetizer – Panko crusted crab cakes with organic coastal greens & Cajun remoulade.

The main dish is seafood gumbo made with the most important ingredient, love. For the sweet finale, banana raisin bread pudding with bourbon caramel.

“It feels like I am representing the vice president-elect in her hometown on this stage in this monumental time,” said Dorsey. “To have someone with vice president-elect’s heritage in the White House is really huge.”

While the Bay Area is sheltering-in-place, Dorsey wanted to provide his community with a delicious meal to celebrate the new administration.

“We are making it available the day before, so folks have time to prepare and watch the Inauguration and enjoy some dinner,” said Dorsey.

“I want to kick it off with some gumbo. We will be standing proud on the Inauguration Day. I am going to sit down and enjoy a pot of gumbo. I am going to bask in this moment and share this moment with my family and my community.”


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