America’s tallest building to be lit in Indian tricolor on August 15

Biggest Indian flag to be unfurled at Times Square to celebrate India’s 75 Independence Day

The iconic One World Trade Center, the tallest building in America standing on the site of the 9/11 terror attacks, will be be lit up in the Indian flag’s tri colors on August 15.

This initiative commemorates the world’s largest democracy – India entering its 75th year of Independence, according to the South Asian Engagement Foundation (SAEF), a community organization.

As part of the celebrations, other installations of the Durst Organization in New York at One Bryant Park and One Five One, in mid-town will also be lit up in the tricolor.

“We are proud to partner with the South Asian Engagement Foundation as it celebrates India entering its 75th year of Independence,” said Mark Domino of The Durst Organization who oversees Spireworks.

“This is an historic moment commemorating India’s Independence and most importantly the expression of love between the US and India,” said Rahul Walia, Founding trustee of SAEF.

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“We hope to continue the tradition and enhance the experience for everyone with more imagery on the podium,” he added.

The lighting would turn on at sunset, New York City time, on August 15 on the spire of the iconic One World Trade Center, One Bryant Park and One Five One in mid-town and remain lit until 2:00AM.

Additionally, the Indian flag tricolor would be visible on the podium of the World Trade Center. SAEF encouraged the community to visit the podium at 285 Fulton Street for photo opportunities.

The lighting can be viewed live virtually at and or countdown to the event at from anywhere in the world.

“We are so happy to be working with the Durst Organization to help celebrate India and thank them for their help in making this a reality” said Aarti Walia, Director South Asian Engagement Foundation.

SAEF is also in talks to do a lavish Diwali expression in November to bring more awareness and exposure to the rich and diverse culture of the United States, it said. They hope to make this an annual tradition going forward.

Among its initiatives, SAEF supports programs like the South Asian Spelling Bee and the Cricket Bee.

Meanwhile, another community organization, Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) plans to unfurl the biggest tricolor at the iconic Times Square in New York on August 15.

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The 6 feet by 10 feet tricolor hoisted on a 25 feet pole will be unfurled by the consul general of India in New York, Randhir Jaiswal.

As part of day-long celebrations to be organized by FIA, the first India Day billboard at Times Square will be displayed for 24 hours.

The event will conclude with a gala cruise on the Hudson River attended by top government officials, special guests and members of the Indian American community.

An Independence Day message will also be displayed on the largest Jumbotron at Times Square for 24 hours, FIA said.

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