Shekar Krishnan, Shahana Hanif make history winning New York City council races

Shekar Krishnan(Left), Shahana Hanif(Right)

Krishnan is the first Indian American and Bangladeshi American Hanif the first Muslim woman to win the city poll

Indian American lawyer Shekar Krishnan and Bangladeshi-American Shahana Hanif made history as the first South Asians to be elected to the New York City Council. Hanif also became the first Muslim woman to win the city poll.

Born to Indian immigrants from Kerala in the United States, Democrat Krishnan was elected to represent Jackson Heights and Elmhurst in Queens in District 25 in Tuesday’s elections.

With 66.3% of precincts reporting Krishnan had taken an unbeatable 60.7% to 19.6% lead over his Republican rival Shah Haque.

“Thank you #JacksonHeights and #Elmhurst! Thank you for believing in me! Together, we will fight for a city for everyone. We will fight for our home,” he tweeted Wednesday morning.

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A third South Asian candidate, Democrat Felicia Singh, lost to her Republican opponent Joann Ariola in in Queens District 32.

With 98.17% of precincts reporting Singh, the first Guyanese and Punjabi person to win the Democratic Party primary in the district, was trailing 31.4% to 67.6% to Ariola.

Ahead of the elections, Krishnan, who wants to help alleviate the problems of immigrants, spoke to about life as an immigrant, and his plans for the communities of Jackson Heights and Elmhurst neighborhoods.

“My parents came to the US around 30 years ago, and they struggled with discrimination and the inaccessibility of resources all through their careers as research scientists in the pharmaceutical industry,” he said.

“When they first arrived, they qualified for every single public benefit available at the time but did not receive them because they didn’t know what they were or how they could have applied for them,” Krishnan said noting, “Our immigrant community faces similar struggles even today.”

“I saw my parents struggle with a feeling of not belonging here, and I can relate to similar experiences of immigrants in my community. My parents came here with official documents and education, but I saw their struggle despite these privileges. “

“They were discriminated against because of their skin colour, accents, etc, and all that left an indelible impression on me, which is why I chose to become a civil rights lawyer, and eventually venture into politics,” Krishnan added.

Democrat Hanif, who become the first Muslim woman elected to the New York City Council from Brooklyn District 39, polled an overwhelming 89.3% votes. Her only opponent of the Conservative Party received 8 percent of the vote. The city has an estimated 769,000 Muslims.

Hanif said she was “humbled and proud” to be the first Muslim woman on the Council — and the first woman of any faith to represent District 39 — in a statement released Tuesday night.

She acknowledged community and progressive group volunteers and endorsements, notably the left-leaning Working Families Party.
“Together we are building an anti-racist, feminist city,” she said.

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“We deserve a city that protects its most vulnerable residents, a city that provides fair education, a city that invests in local and community-driven climate solutions, and a city where our immigrant neighbors feel welcome, heard, and protected. Even if the election is done, this task demands all of us to keep turning up.”

Shahana’s ancestral home is in Chattogram’s Fatikchhari upazila. Eldest daughter of Mohammad Hanif — one of the United States Awami League’s advisers, Shahana has long been involved in politics in Brooklyn. She is known as a representative of the progressive youths in politics.

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    Dear Arun Kumar
    I believe I have not mentioned these comments earlier except about my in brief introduction. I am cancer researcher and have a passion for composing poetry in Indian Hindustani language . I am thinking of making a video . I am approaching you to see if you can take a snap of our recent elected representatives of different positions especially from India , Bangla Dash and Pakistan ,(if possible from Israel and Palestine ) and make a point about the beauty of USA . Look here in USA these folks can live peacefully and I wonder why they can not live back in India .Why India was divided three countries . You can google me and contact . I was seven years old when I became a refugee .

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