Gran Via, the Mecca of shopping & entertainment in Madrid

Holiday shoppers will be extremely astounded with the profusion of bargains Madrid offers! 

By Akanksha Dean

As one of the styles centers of the biosphere, it is no wonder that Madrid is clearly known for its outstanding shopping! The buzzing Gran Via is my favorite place!

Running from the Calle de Alcala to the Plaza De Espana, Gran Via is a Mecca for the local and tourists alike. It’s the Spanish capital’s answer to Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Broadway all rolled into one!

A great idea is to start from Puerta Del Sol Plaza which is one of the main centers of Madrid, with its streets splintering out to other famous landmarks and is full of shops and cafes.

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Devote time sauntering the eventful lanes and boulevards that bud from the plaza. Through this remarkable street you will also come across Madrid’s most applauded commercial center, El Corte Ingles which is profoundly armed with a diversity of clothing lines, shoes, cosmetics and even electronic gadgets.

For a quirky surprise do drop by at the H & M store. After all, it’s not each day that figurines posture in the brightness of footlights and you find the fitting  rooms in the porticos of a past theatre.

Also check out Zara an illustrious Galician store famed for spinning round stage designs at speedy swiftness and selling them at incredible deals.

The flow of new designs is glittering, so if you like something, just go for it as it is not likely to be repetitive. Move on to Calle Mayor and follow the signs to Plaza Mayor a beautiful square completely surrounded by old Spanish architecture.

In the past, it was the center of festivities, bullfights, royal coronations and executions. Now, it is still a place for festivities, and the perfect place to watch street performers and tourists over a café con leche.

Altogether Gran Via is where you can purchase the finest pair of stylish coats, see the newest theater productions, take part in a gay parade, or just glee in the sweet metropolitan clamor.

Gran Via exudes the crux of contemporary Madrid, serves as a favorite meeting point, and a fabulous example of a place where you’d like to spend your day and evening!

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Quirky Facts

Posh Madrid girls are known as pijas!

Rebajas means sales.

Shopping in stilettos is de rigueur alias fashion.

Fast Facts

Best way to move around in Madrid – Take a bus or a metro to reach these shopping areas. It costs only 1 Euro to travel to any point.

Best Place to Stay close to all the shopping areas – Situated on the impressive Paseo de La Castellana, Madrid’s key avenue is Hotel Hesperia, Paseo de la Castellana 57.

Top 5 Must Do Shopping 

El Corte Ingles -The most famed chain store in Spain.

Preto & Branko – A unique store at the Plaza Mayor offering Clothes, shoes, gifts watches, jewellery etc only in black and white.

Sfera – Sells casual and formal clothing and accessories for both men and women. The shop in Gran via is a great option.

Bershka – It is a part of the Spanish group called Inditex, and also includes Zara – It is for the young and hip generation and is all over Madrid.

(Akanksha Dean is an independent Indian chef, events specialist & food & travel writer)

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