Spotify introduces live audio show with Hasan Minhaj

Patriot Act with Hasan MinhajMusic streaming platform’s new live audio show ‘King of the Court’ is dedicated to the NBA playoffs

If you are a basketball fan and love a good sense of humor, then there is something that is a match made in heaven for you! As the NBA season kicks off in the United States, you have a choice of including another itinerary in your NBA schedule.

Indian American Award-winning comedian, Hasan Minhaj is back with a brand new show. This time the writer, producer, host and NBA fan, discusses the NBA playoffs and other major storylines from around the league. The show as you may have guessed it by now is dedicated to the NBA playoffs.

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The new show titled King of the Court, on Spotify’s new platform, Spotify Live, would include snippets on what’s happening on the court during this year’s conference semifinals, predictions for who will win the title, what the Los Angeles Lakers next move should be to get back in the game and much more.

Spotify Live, is Spotify’s new live audio offering. There are plans on the platform to be introducing new live audio shows in the future.

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The show that debuted at 7 pm ET on May 11 had Minhaj joined on the show’s premiere episode by The Ringer’s Van Lathan, host of “Higher Learning” and the Spotify Original “Ringer-Verse” podcasts.

Hasan will be joined by other guests in future shows where they will be sharing their thoughts and hot takes throughout the conference and league finals.

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