Southern Europe, a rising residency option for Indians

With America at a saturation point, Indians with investments abilities are exploring alternate residency options in Europe

For Indian professionals looking for non-immigrant visas to live and work in countries such as the US, there seems to be an increasing saturation point with huge backlogs.

While smaller European countries are opening up with job possibilities for professionals, another visa category that has seen a high jump remains the investment visa category.

Unlike the work based visa community, who look for job opportunities, the investors look for what the country offers in terms of business development as well as lifestyle possibilities for their families.

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Portugal, in Southern Europe is gradually being recognized as one of the top lifestyle destinations attracting individuals from around the globe. This is not only because of the work opportunities or academic avenues, but also because of the lifestyle one enjoys here in the warm and cozy Mediterranean climate.

Traveling in Portugal is seamless through its extensive train network, intercity trains and modern highway infrastructure which efficiently connects major cities and provides easy access to the interiors of the country.

“Besides its great interconnectivity and beautiful climate, Portugal has a well-established social system that ensures taking care of basic necessities and pave way for a fulfilling lifestyle,” says Amol Mudras, CEO and Co-Founder of Strokes & Ground, a leading real estate firm in Lisbon, Portugal that facilitates residency and citizenship via investment programs.

“This is evident through the nation’s world class healthcare system, ranked 17th best in the 2021 World Index of Healthcare Innovation and a world class education system known for its academic excellence output.”

As the Indian upper class also displays a keen taste in global culture, another benefit of living in the country is to experience the famed European art, culture and heritage.

Lisbon and Porto are famous for their museums, including the famous National Museum of Ancient Art Soares dos Reis in Porto’s Miragaia district, the National Museum of Ancient Art in the capital’s Alcantara district, and the Antiga Museum.

For lovers of high life and celebrations there are also enough reasons to experience the European lifestyle.

The country hosts a variety of fascinating festivals throughout the year, celebrating its rich culture with events like Queima Das Fitas (Traditional student festival) in Porto, Mardi Gras (Carnival) in Nazareth, and a two-week seafood festival in Olhão near Faro.


These festivals are lively, jubilant and a delight for anyone experiencing Portugal’s famed heritage and cultural celebration.

Portugal is gradually transforming into a prominent destination for an upgraded lifestyle with better career, health, and education opportunities for individuals through residency programs.

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