Kash Patel blasts FBI for ‘endangering his life’

Kash Patel
Kash Patel; Photo credit: Department of Defense

“Brown Lives Matter,” says Trump’s former Indian American aide blasting FBI for not redacting his name from search warrant

Donald Trump’s former top Indian American aide Kash Patel has accused FBI of endangering his life by not redacting his name from an affidavit supporting its search of Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

“Brown Lives Matter,” stated a clearly furious Patel, who served as chief of staff to the acting secretary of defense in the final days of the Trump administration, late Friday after FBI released the heavily redacted affidavit.

In a message posted on Truth Social, Patel called it a “vicious attack from DOJ/FBI who intentionally jeopardized my safety by un-redacting my name in the most reviewed search warrant in the history of the United States.”

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Patel appears in a footnote in the affidavit referring to his claim in an interview with Breitbart that he was “there with Trump when he said, ‘We are declassifying this information.’”

Multiple boxes of documents were recovered when FBI agents raided the former President’s South Florida home on Aug 8, including some marked “top secret” and some that may have contained nuclear secrets.

The footnote quotes the Breitbart article that Patel “characterized as ‘misleading’” that “classified material is among records that POTUS provided” to the National Archives from Mar-a-Lago.

“Today marks another vicious attack from DOJ/FBI who intentionally jeopardized my safety by un-redacting my name in the most reviewed search warrant in the history of the United States,” read Patel’s Truth Social message titled “FIGHT WITH KASH/FBI’s WhatsApp Warrant.”

“This cartel of corruption inside of our government is so devoid of concern about national security, they could not be bothered to see the judge in-person,” he wrote.

“Instead, they literally called in the raid on the home of a former president via the FBI’s best friend, Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp,” Patel stated claiming “The DOJ is on the line for my security with their dangerous actions.”

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“This same FBI has been investigating death threats made against me due to baseless political overreach by government gangsters and in their greed for political vengeance, have threatened my safety again,” he wrote.

“Me, a former national security prosecutor, Deputy DNI, Chief of Staff for DoD, and lead investigator for Russia Gate-the very investigation they continue to work so hard to cover up,” Patel wrote.

“Brown Lives Matter. These gangsters are on notice,” he concluded signing off as “Kash Patel, Former Chief of Staff for the DOD and lead Investigator for Russia Gate@Kash on Truth Social.

“I am aware of an article published in Breitbart on May 5, 2022, available at Documents at Mar-a-Lago Marked ‘Classified’ Were Already Declassified already-declassified-kash-patel-savs/, which states that Kash Patel, who is described as a former top FPOTUS (former president) administration official, characterized as “misleading” reports in other news organizations that NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) had found classified materials among records that FPOTUS provided to NARA from Mar-a-Lago,” the affidavit read. “Patel alleged that such reports were misleading because FPOTUS had declassified the materials at issue.”

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Patel and Trump have insisted in interviews that the then President had a “standing order” that documents removed from the White House were “declassified,” according to Huffington Post.

But no written evidence has been presented to support that, it said. The Post also cited unnamed experts as saying Trump had to follow a process to declassify documents, and share his decision so other officials would know. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence of that.

The claim of widespread declassification was not mentioned in Trump’s latest motion to have a “special master” review the seized documents to determine if any might have been somehow protected by executive privilege, it noted.

A letter from the Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran included in the affidavit suggests that Trump had absolute declassification authority, but it does not state that Trump actually declassified any of the documents, according to the Post.

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