California man arrested in the killing of liquor store owner Gurpreet Singh

The suspect fired shots at the police while being chased. He remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Members of the Indian American community were shaken earlier this month, when yet another convenience store owner was shot and killed by an unknown gunman. Gurpreet Singh was in his store in Downey, California, when he was shot dead.

The killer remained at large but now the Downey police has made headway in the case.

A man named Dylan Andres Lindsey of Torrance, California, has been charged with the murder. The man, who was caught after a chase by the police, was also charged with assault on an officer on Tuesday, the Long Beach Press-Telegram reported.

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According to report, the accused was on probation at the time of shooting.

The Downey police has been on the lookout for the suspect.

According to media reports, police detectives spotted a man they believed to be a suspect in the killing of Singh, getting into a Toyota Prius. When the police officer tried to pull over the vehicle, the car sped away. It was driven by a female driver and, during the chase, a male passenger began firing shots at the pursuing officers.

The chase continued for some time until the vehicle stopped at the traffic. The suspect continued firing shots at the police. In the return fire, his car’s windows were shattered. According to Press-Telegram, the suspect was firing from a large caliber revolver.

The female driver, struck by the shots, surrendered while the police found the suspect motionless in the car. The police approached the car after thorough examination and placed the suspect in an ambulance. The Telegram reported that female driver Alison Hart, of Redondo Beach, CA, was also charged with one felony count.

Downey is a southeastern suburb of Los Angeles.

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