Sikh owner of a liquor store in Downey, California, shot dead

Gurpreet Singh, 44, becomes the 10th Indian American to get killed in convenience or liquor store attacks.

A spate of killings at convenience stores in the recent past in the US has claimed lives of many Indian Americans. The latest in the devastating series of convenience store shootings came from Downey in California. Gurpreet Singh, a 44-year-old Sikh man, was shot at about 11 pm on Tuesday night when he was working at his liquor store near Paramount Boulevard in Downey. According to NBC Los Angeles, the shooting was reported at 11.00 pm at ASL Liquor and Market. The deceased was a much-loved community man and a kind father to two young boys.

The small business owner was operating alone at the store when the incident happened. Customers reported that family members used to rotate shifts while working at the store. At the time of incident there was one other business at the strip mall that was open. Right now, there is no detailed information available on the nature of the crime and whether it was the case of robbery but the police are investigating the matter.

NBC Los Angeles also reported that a security camera nearby recorded someone running in a different direction but not much is known about their identification just as yet.

What is known immediately is that the Cerritos resident was behind the counter when he was shot. Singh was a navy reservist and was zealously seen working in his store every day. The shooting sent shock waves across the neighborhood and people gathered near the store on Wednesday to pay respects to the deceased. A small candle vigil was also seen outside the store as mourners left candles in memory of the victim.

Currently a homicide investigation is underway in the case.

Singh becomes the 10th Indian American to get killed in convenience, or liquor store attacks since April 2015. In February, Govardhan Kotha, an immigrant form Telengana, India, was killed at a convenience store in Pensacola, FL. Three people were arrested in connection with the murder.
Four Indian Americans were killed in convenience stores over a two-year period in South Carolina. Other killings occurred in California, Ohio and Mississippi, among other states.


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