Padma Lakshmi cooks for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Padma Lakshmi with Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Padma Lakshmi (right) with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Image via Twitter

“We “sipped champagne” and “talked of India of the ’80s,” tweets Lakshmi.



When Indian American Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi tweeted this weekend about her dinner with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Twiiterati was abuzz with disbelief and many wanted more details to believe the selfie shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Sharing a photo with Justice Ginsburg, Lakshmi, tweeted: “We sipped champagne, savored our gazpacho and crab and talked of India in the 80’s and so much more. A special thank you to the gracious and funny David Hagedorn and his husband Michael for an evening filled with love and laughter.”

In her message on Instagram, she said: “There are meals in your life you will never forget. Meals you will tell your grandkids about. Last night was one of them. I had dinner with someone I’ve admired for a long long time. And she did not disappoint. Witty and whip smart, she had a twinkle in her eye the whole night.”

The Top Chef host’s tweet was liked by more than 45,000 and re-tweeted by about 23,000 people on the social media. The dinner, hosted by writer David Hageborn in Washington, DC, was a quiet private dinner.

Lakshmi shared no more details other than saying that the menu included gazpacho and crab. “We Sipped Champagne, Savored Our Gazpacho and Crab,” she said in her Instagram message shared with her followers.

Ginsburg, or fondly called by her admirers as RBG, is the second most admired American woman as per the 2019 YouGov list made public last week. The list is topped by fomer First Lady Michelle Obama. Melania Trump and Ellen DeGreeves trails behind RBG at third and fourth places respectively.


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