Man charged with murder of Indian American student Ruth George

Ruth George

Vigil held at the university to honor ‘Rangi Mtoto.’ 

The murder of Ruth George, an Indian American student of University of Chicago, over the weekend in the prime of her life has sent shock waves thru students and the community in Chicago.

The police have now charged a 26-year-old male with the murder of the 19-year-old promising student whose family originally hailed from Hyderabad, India.

Donald D. Thurman, who has been charged with first degree murder and criminal sexual assault, has no affiliation with the university, according to the UIC police.

Nor did the suspect, who has an address near the university campus, know or have any association with George, police said.

Thurman, who has earlier criminal record, was reportedly on parole after serving a two-year sentence for armed robbery.

According to police, Ruth walked into the university garage at about 1.30 am. closely followed by Thurman. The survelliance camera then shows him leaving the garage at about 2.10 in the morning.

Thurman was arrested on Sunday morning after he was tracked through multiple cameras in the nearby areas.

Mourning the tragic death of George yellow ribbons were hung around the campus on Monday. A vigil was also held on Monday night to honor “Ruthie” as her fraternity remembered her.

“To us, she was just Ruthie,” read a statement released by the co-ed fraternity for students of the university.

“She joined DEM in 2018 as a part of our Iota class and we will never forget how big her smile was when she was named ‘Rangi Mtoto’ or Baby Color.  That was the perfect name for her because she brought color into the lives of everyone around her.”
“We will never forget her and the bright future she had ahead of her. We hope that she is in peace and watching over all of us,” it added.

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