‘India Shayari Project’ to celebrate Indian Independence Day

Zee Live to stream 90-minute special across America on August 15 at 9:00 pm EDT

Four of India’s leading poets will bring to life India’s age old tradition of ‘Shayari’ or Urdu poetry in an innovative project geared towards diasporas to celebrate India’s 74th Independence Day globally.

A 90-minute marathon special ‘India Shayari Project’ will be live streamed in North and South America by Zee Live on August 15 at 9:00 pm EDT.

Noted Indian poets Javed Akhtar, Kausar Munir, Dr.Kumar Vishwas and Zakir Khan will share their stories of freedom at this celebration of poetry, according to a press release from Zee Live.

Zee Live will be partnering with Los Angeles based Moment House to make the show available to all Shayari lovers across the globe. Viewers can catch the show on the digital platform of Moment House.

The ticketed show would be available in Asia, Australia and New Zealand on August 15 at 2:30 pm IST and in Europe, UK and Africa on August 15 at 10:30 pm IST.

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The show will be an amalgamation of interspersed poetry, shayari and spoken word along with fascinating conversations on how poetry has lived the true test of time to become a potent tool of expression in the new age.

In its first edition itself, India Shayari Project aims to make poetry and shayari more accessible and relevant to the youth.

Swaroop Banerjee, Chief Business Officer, Zee Live said, “Over 24 billion collective views on shayari and poetry globally, show that millennials and GenZ now consume shayari online on a daily basis.”

“India has contributed to global history and culture of poetry. Global celebrities, poets and storytellers have over time taken to social media to extend this legacy to younger audiences, ensuring that the art continues to thrive.”

“Indian poets and writers have made their voices heard in the international landscape,” Banerjee said. “Some the biggest names in shayari and poetry from the world of film, literature and the internet will evoke emotions of celebrating freedom through poetry.”

“With India Shayari Project, Zee Live, will strive to speak the language of poetry and will connect with newer audiences across the globe,” he said.

“India has been a country of many great poets and shayars. It is heartening to see the youth of today embrace and understand the beauty and nuances of the spoken word.”

“Poetry gives you the space and platform to represent yourself in your most authentic way and with social media, it has been amazing to see it becoming the tool and power for the youth to express these times of dynamism, of a society that is undergoing upheaval, in myriad ways,” said noted Bollywood poet, lyricist and scriptwriter Javed Akhtar.

“It is always a pleasure to be a part of something innovative as Shayari as that is my passion and the essence of who I am and am elated to associate with India Shayari Project.”

Talking about the necessity of hosting such an event, popular Bollywood lyricist and writer Kausar Munir shared, “Hindustan is a country of great shayars (poets) and shayaraas (poetesses).”

“And the youth of this creative land are eager to connect with the poetic traditions that they come from. Events such as The India Shayari Project, are bridges that connect the younger generation with the art and craft of shayari.”

Dr. Kumar Vishwas said, “As a poet, there is no better feeling of elation than to see one’s poetry, written a long time ago, still strike a chord with people.”

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“Poetry has always brought in a sense of magic to words for centuries and delighted to be part of a platform that reinforces this culture and makes it more mainstream.

“That said, interacting with the leading poets of our country is going to be an exhilarating experience. I look forward to talking about the one thing that binds us all together and sharing our views with our audience,” Vishwas said

The show would be available on Moment House, which is a digital live platform that connects artists and their fans for a global, ticketed experience — called Moments.

The tickets for the special can be bought here:  https://www.momenthouse.com/indiashayariproject

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