Author: Zenobia Khaleel

Zenobia Khaleel is a writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has donned a lot of hats; writer, photographer, travel enthusiast, troop leader, amateur actor, event coordinator, community volunteer, but predominantly goes by the title Mom.

Ruminations on Earth Day. SAN FRANCISCO: My Earth Day celebrations usually involve reading a ton of environmental articles and shaking my head resignedly. Last week, while working on an environmental piece, I came across a zealous ambassador for nature conservation, who has grasped the true spirit of Earth Day and treats every day as one. Rachel Kippen, the program coordinator of Save our Shores is an environmental advocate working against single-use plastic pollution in California and in our connected marine ecosystems. A self-confessed environmental hippie, Rachel discloses some highlights of her inspiring life and career; and childhood inspirations that shaped…

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