Indian American prodigy Tiara Abraham performs on Steve Harvey Show

Tiara Abraham, 11, released her debut album Winter Nightingale in 2016.

Tiara Abraham with Steve Harvey. Credit: Steve Harvey Show.

Indian American Tiara Abraham gave an enthralling performance on the Steve Harvey Show on NBC. Abraham, who sings in six different languages, released her first music album, Winter Nightingale, in 2016. She started reading at age two, and is already in college at age 11.

“Well, I enjoy singing in those six different languages; and I enjoy speaking in them; and I like learning new languages,” Abraham said during the show. “So, I have taken nine semesters of Spanish, Italian, French and this semester I am taking German. I think my favorite out of all those, like to speak and also to sing, I think, it’s Italian because it is so flowy.”

Abraham told The American Bazaar last year that her family realized her musical talent when she was five, after they heard her sing “Happy birthday” in vibrato style, an extremely unusual feat for someone her age.

Her role models in music are opera singer Renée Fleming and Kathleen Battle, an operatic light lyric soprano. She is also a fan of Adele, Celine Dion and Josh Groban.

Abraham’s parents immigrated from Kerala, India. Her father Bijou Abraham is a software engineer, and her mother Dr. Taji Abraham is a veterinarian. Her elder brother Tanishq Abraham, 13, is also a highly gifted teen. He already has three college degrees and aspires to become a physician. During an interview with the Bazaar in 2015, Tanishq said that he wants to become the President of the United States.

Steve Harvey Show is a one-hour talk-show hosted by comedian Steve Harvey.

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