Why is nation’s motherboard missing?

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

As 100 nations engage with elections this year, why are nations’ motherboards missing?

If every computer has a motherboard that drives its super-high-speed performance, so, why can’t a nation have a similar type motherboard platform to drive all of its big and small digitized economy expansion with superior performance? Especially, when a superior-world-class digital framework of a nation’s economy is just like a motherboard anyway?  As 100 nations engage with elections this year, why are nations’ motherboards missing? Why aren’t their big and small business enterprises with their leading trade groups being digitally showcased on integrated platforms to create a global bounce and create world-class exportability performance? This is not rocket-science, this is global age thinking and deployments.

No Funding Required: Do it yourself motherboard structuring for a nation;

Start with a white-board: List the top ten national enterprise sectors within a nation, those in need of increased national and global exposure. Itemize the goods and services offered and their reasons for still remaining untapped, under-commercialized and undervalued due to lack of global market positioning.

Start with a debate, with all national trade groups with vested interest in fostering better economic performance of their vertical sectors. Engage all on how the systems works and who contributes what and how the local prosperity starts becoming realities.

Start with a staring contest; first to blink, is out. Stop finger-pointing and start with making large inventory lists of how many things and critical functionalities can be added to these nationwide programs. How to catch-up to already lost a decade and how to create speedy national awareness on this massive transformation and what are the top mistakes to avoid.

Start with a victory; if national digitalization, often almost free, depending on market readiness can immediately showcase digitalized mid-size business economy, the selection of a launch date can be declared as half a victory. As professional deployments and mobilization makes digitization a super-speed-phenomena and uplifts the national small and mid-size economic base. Not to be confused with an IT taskforce exercise, this is a Cabinet Level blueprinting with global expertise and chalking out a master national plan on fast track basis. If ever major costs become the issue the strategy and its methodology is just not understood. Re-visit the entire process and deeply study the philosophy.

Hard Facts and Warm Realities:

2019: Some 100 nations are having elections this year; what are the new drivers to win elections?

2020: USA elections will become a global pulse and also a profiler of various nations; which nations will be at the top of the lists?

2030: Why Top Ten Economies will have combined GDP of USD $200 trillion? To put in perspective, China and India will contribute $110 Trillion, USA $32 Trillion and Japan $7 Trillion.

The Mother-boarded Nations?

With 200 nations in this global age, managing a digital economy of a nation is no different, it’s just a very, very large motherboard, basically, many platforms, massive data and all connected to create maximum exposure to entrepreneurial talents, goods and services to some 200 countries. Not to be confused with current old-style websites and broken links and emails. The social media is great for posting pictures of cakes and silly videos, this is a superior business-to-business sector program for 200 nations of the world. Nations without massive and successful digitally-accessible-economies will have serious consequences and will appear as dark spots on the global maps. Last century, nations without electricity were in darkness, today without hyper-digitalized-midsize economy they are lacking the luminance of mind and prosperity creation knowledge.

The Digitization Revolution: How many nations already missed the First, Second and Third Industrial Revolution and are now standing at the gates of Fourth industrial Revolution, if any. How can they have a jump start? What does this mean going forward? What are the next challenges on creating grassroots prosperity? What will be the Top Message in 2019 elections around the world? Economic superiority of super-power-nations during current trade wars will slow down world economy. The 100 plus micro-power-nations with fully digitalized and globally accessible platforms showcasing small and midsize enterprises may open up with unlimited opportunities of trading and exporting amongst each other.

A new and smart world is awakening right in front of us. Check your binoculars.

This year alone, time to vote has already become a hot item around Australia, Argentina, Canada, India, South Africa, Congo, Nigeria, Botswana, Indonesia, Turkey, EU, Oman, Qatar and dozens more.

(Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, world-class speaker, author and Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is leading charge on entrepreneurial leadership transformation and a recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. His recent work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. He can be connected via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naseemjaved)


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