Suspect arrested in the murder of Indian student Neil Kumar in Alabama convenience store

The J&S Buy Rite Convenient Store
The J&S Buy Rite Convenient Store in Brundidge, AL, where Indian student Neal Kumar was killed on July 24, 2019. Image via Google Street View

The suspect, 23-year-old Leon Terrell Flowers from Troy, has been charged with capital murder and robbery.

In the sleepy little town of Brundidge, Alabama, a promising international student lost his life in yet another instance of mindless gun violence. Neil Purush Kumar, a 30-year-old Indian student at Troy University, was shot by an armed robber while attending to his part time job of a store clerk at J&S Buy Rite Convenient Store.

The suspect, who fled the scene, has now been arrested by the Brundidge Police. Troy resident Leon Terrell Flowers, 23, has been charged with capital murder and robbery.

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Neil Kumar
Neil Kumar; Photo credit: Brundidge Police Department

A manhunt was on in the area and the arrest has been made five days after the crime took place.

Sherriff Russel Thomas said that there needs to be a closure to this heinous and senseless crime.

Last Wednesday, the police responded to the report of a man found dead early in the morning at 7.00 am at J&S Buy Rite, a convenience store located on Troy Street in Brundidge. Kumar died on the spot.

The robber attempted a robbery soon after the store was opened and almost immediately shot Kumar down, according to reports.

The surveillance footage recovered from the store shows a man dressed in all black entering the store at approximately 6.00 am on the fateful morning. While Kumar did not resist, the suspect shot him anyway before running away with the amount he could find at the register.

Flowers, who has a previous criminal record in the area, was identified as a suspect by the police. He has also served a jail term in the past.

The police had announced $4,000 prize money on anyone who was able to lead the police to the suspect.

Flowers is now being held on the charge of a capital murder and is held without a bond. The capital murder charge is subject to either life in prison or death penalty.


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