Nikki Haley’s group says rise of socialism defined 2020

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley; photo credit: Department of State

Stand for America, founded by Haley, hits out at socialism, Sanders and AOC.

Donald Trump may not have conceded the 2020 election. But Indian American Nikki Haley, considered one of the 2024 hopefuls, is already in a campaign mode.

Stand for America, which promotes the presidential ambitions of the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, has picked the potential winning issues for 2024: socialism, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“This was the year socialism went mainstream,” the group said in a newsletter reviewing 2020 and posted on its website.

“The dangerous ideology, which has failed everywhere it has been tried and ruined countless lives, is on its way to becoming the default economic policy of the Democratic Party. This terrifying trend threatens the future of every American.”

Stand for America was founded by Haley after leaving the Trump administration. The group’s mission is to promote “public policies that strengthen America’s economy, culture, and national security.”

The newsletter, titled “2020 In Review: Socialism Rising” said the “rise of socialism has been a long time coming.”It pointed out that Sanders, a self-professed Democratic Socialist “nearly became the left’s presidential candidate” and he “almost did it again.”

The group said socialists like AOC “are exerting tremendous pressure on leftist language and policy.”

It added that in Congress and states like New York  “the ranks of far-left legislators are growing” and the “socialist left is more powerful than at any point in recent memory.”

The effects, according to the group, “can be seen at every level of liberal politics.”

Haley’s group also warned about a potential “government health plan,” which it said would “destroy private health care,” and the “Green New Deal” energy plan championed by Sanders and AOC. The Green New Deal,” it said, “would use the power of government to remake virtually the entire economy, greater government power over job creators and workers through heavy-handed mandates, and massive tax hikes that would bring the economy to a crawl.” It also criticized calls by some Democratic lawmakers to “cancel” student debt, rent, and mortgage payments.”

Interestingly, Stand for America doesn’t have much to say about Covid-19, other than blaming the lockdown for dragging down the economy. “During the pandemic, government-mandated lockdowns dragged down an economy that was uplifting millions — especially minorities and struggling communities,” it said. “Countless businesses have closed and those with the most to lose have lost the most.”

The former South Carolina governor received an endorsement of sorts from influential televangelist Pat Robertson last week.

“My money would be on Nikki Haley,” he said on his show “700 Club” on December 21. “I think she’d make a tremendous candidate for the Republican Party.”


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